Thursday , July 7 2022

It is smashed for the murder of a student in San Diego, Santander Sudski


"This situation, which is more than one in the room already anticipated, has already said that this week there will be no hours and there will be arranged organs."

These words are part of a shocking story by a student at La Presentacion in San Gillo Technical School, a Witness who was a witness that a young man aged only 14 killed one of his constraints and wounded another.

This crime, which caused alarms between local and ministerial authorities, was recorded at 10:40 am in the bathroom of the institution.

There, as the witnesses took out, student 8-2 arrived and intercepted two nine-year conferences, both 15, who were about to take part in the show.

In the facts that the police investigated, the accused aggressor collapsed a knife and began attacking them on several occasions.

"We also had the ninth game, they were changing, he came (accused) and stabbed a child close to his heart." He was the one who died, the other was also very injured, "the witness added.


When aggression occurred, the situation was reported to teachers and school directors. One of the injured was put on the stretcher and immediately removed from the educational center, while others remained alone.

San Gil Fire Department arrived at the site and transferred students to the regional hospital area, where one of the children went without vital signs. He had a deep preoccupation with a compromised heart.

Eliza Aviles, Emergency Medical Coordinator of the medical center, explained that "the other patient arrived with three wounds: one in the ovary, to determine whether any vital organ was penetrated, the other at the back and the last in the left patient."

Yesterday in the afternoon, a teenager passed the operation. At the end of this edition, his health status evolved favorably.

Apprehension and mobiles

Several police patrols arrived at the school and arrested an alleged perpetrator hiding in one of the bathrooms.

After a few minutes, the mobile unit of the Criminal Investigation Laboratory Sijin carried out an inspection at the scene and then removed the corpse in the health center.

According to the motives of the crime, Colonel Rigoberto Acevedo Mora, a sub-commander of the Santander police, explained that they are currently the subject of an investigation.

"This is a reflection of the intolerance we live in and we do not have enough mechanisms to deal with this kind of conflict that can arise among young people," said a uniformed officer.

It should be added that several parents and students reported that they had already warned school officials about the improper behavior that the detainee had presented.

This child under 14 will be presented to a juvenile judge. You must respond to the crime of a murder.


Around 2:00 pm yesterday, a special security council was held, involving senior police officers, Icbf, municipal and deputy authorities.

In the end, Ariel Fernando Rojas, Mayor of San Gil, said that the next Tuesday will hold a meeting of school co-existence councils with rectors of various schools in the municipality in order to support institutions in such cases present in each school.

He added that "the aggressor has been made available to the competent authorities for its collapse, after some estimates of the decision will be made regarding the future of this juvenile."

In the meantime, the Technical School of the Most Holy Theotokos announced that they are willing to fulfill all the requirements of the competent authorities to clarify this event.

"We reject these violence and regret the sadness that lives in our educational community." We feel this duel as our own because he is one of our children. A great student we salute and care for, "said sister Gloria Arias Mendoza, rector of the institution .

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