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Latin Grammys: Drekler had a "Maracanaso" among Caribbean idols


The Uruguayan was a great winner of the night with three awards; among the Argentines, the only winner was Fito Paez; Mexican Angela Aguilar of 15 years was a great revelation Source: Reuters

LAS VEGAS.- It's good to leave the analysis after the match. Happiness has never been thrown out and gone if it has understood thousands and thousands of people licking each day in the evening of Las Vegas, the casino city. The day before,

Jorge Drekler

changed him
Ice liferaiser for a comfortable futon and away from throwing to rest, to relax, take advantage of every opportunity
he had before the microphone to continue marking the course – and the rhythm – he took over with this album, which gave him three

Latin Grammy

, and dedicate it as
the main winner of the evening. "We lived because we are on the move," an Uruguayan musician sings in "Movimiento" and is shown on the 19th edition

Latin Grammy

. With eight nominations, Colombian J. Balvin began as a big favorite of the day, but he could only take home a reward that no one can take away, the best urban music album,
You vibrate. However, Colombia has demonstrated its power in a complex Latin American music scene.

Voters of the Latin Recording Academy, the award organizer, decided on Karol G to award a new best artist; would be


category Best contemporary pop album (F.A.M.E.) and for

Carlos Vives

in the best contemporary tropical album. At the moment of choosing a representative of the nightmare, there were so many

J Balvin


Carlos Vives

. Balvin sings with Mexican Carl Morrison, and celebrates the industry later

Nicki Jam

and DJ Steve Aoki. And you live with this excellent combination that includes Latin rhythms, jazz and little pop, which is Monsieur Perine. Yes, also Colombians.

J. Balvin, a promise that was not there
J. Balvin, a promise that was not there

TNT's Television for Latin America (about 65 million viewers followed the ceremony of this signal), and for Univision in the United States, the evening ceremony (evening here in Las Vegas) is a shov, and not a classic delivery of the award As with its older Brother, the Gramma Awards (or his grandfather, from his first release from a distant and long time: 1959), in three time hours, a series of musical numbers that tend to celebrate this diversity Jorge Drekler spoke a few minutes after winning his third prize , the main, shooting of the year. In the stands of the imposing MGM Arena, a modern space for ten thousand viewers, the public who bought the ticket for the event behaves like any other concert in the United States. He expects the interviews to be ejected to the nearest food and drink item, following the "bouncing" of their favorite musicians, to ask Manu "once more", even knowing there is no room for improvisation in prizes and less to extend the scheduled schedule. In this way, prizes are only part of the offer. It's clear with the numbers in your hand. At the premiere, the name received on the first day of the day, which can be watched only in progress, is 38 of 49 awards.

At that first ceremony held at another hotel, Mandalai Bai – just ten minutes from the MGM Grand, the main event site – made a good part of the conclusions of that day and identified an irreversible trend: the distribution of prizes and a good part of the winners from all chances. This first part of Latin grams, as explained by the president of the Latin Recording Academy, Gabriel Abaroa Jr., had lunch for all nominees. To celebrate and hope no one moves from your desk to the end. Only the winners, who were already in the MGM press room in a few minutes, to talk to the media all over Latin America.

Claudia Montero, Argentina surprise
Claudia Montero, Argentina surprise

They say that what is happening in Las Vegas is in Las Vegas, but it is impossible to travel with the world and anchor in Argentina what Claudia Montero got. "Yes, I am the first Argentine woman to receive," she said visibly moved after she won not only one, but two Latin Grammies, in the Best Classical Music Album (Magical and Mystery) and the best contemporary classical composition / work Lights and Shadovs. Concert for guitar and string orchestra). But that would be a miracle if it's about Argentine artists. Solo Fito Paez in the best rock songs and a surprising tango award for Pedro Giraudo (an Argentine musician who has lived in the United States for 20 years and who has won tough news like Daniel Binelli, Rodolfo Mederos and Omar Mollo) would want our artists. But far from the hope that this magical trend will change and that in the near future Argentina will become a new Columbia for Latin grammar, our musicians should work. As Soledad Pastorutti told us tonight before the prize, when Manama was awarded the personality of the year: "I am here to put the flag, so next year, an Argentine musician or band can take this special difference, Now that he has not rewarded any of our people , and we recognized the artists, did not we? "

In the same direction, the day after, and even with the disappointment that they were not rewarded, some musicians and managers agreed that you had to come to work. How? Association with the Latin Academy of Photography. The percentage of registered Argentine musicians is scarce and eventually musicians and people from the industry who vote. And, as in all elections, the way of changing the trend is voting. The victory of Horgas Drekler casts a more hopeful look, less skeptical, and not at all pessimistic. It must be read as a triumph of a craft song, a small idea that is born in the artist's head and extends to the world. In that sense, that the Uruguayan has won excessive music, it must be seen as the new Maracanaso. Only that happiness remains – but with the work, we insist – we are traveling to the other side of Del Plata.

They set a course

Rosalia, reinforcing its place at the top
Rosalia, reinforcing its place at the top

On the red carpet are Carla Morrison, Andrea Echeverri (later Grammy winner with Aterciopelados for Best Alternative Music Album) and Li Saumet from Bomba Estereo. All three agree that the journey to equality goes in one direction, without the rearview mirror. After receiving two awards, the impact on the scene for pop, flamenco and urban rhythms fusion, young Rosalia (highly praised by Drekler) came into her room with her Gramophone into the hands and right words: "I will not stop fighting to find the same the number of women as men in the recording studio, to give them the same visibility, to claim artists such as Miss Elliot, Bjork and follow their steps, without them I would not be here. "In the same direction, a few hours before it was Venezuelan Linda Briceno asked to reward a job that was excellent and that n thinking about sex. The artist achieved another strong influence in 19 years. the delivery of these awards, to be imposed in the Producer of the Year over Argentina's Rafael Arcaute, Eduardo Cabra (former Calle 13), Andres Torres and Mauricio Rengifo and Julio Reies Copello. While Karol G dedicates himself as a new artist, the real discovery is the 15-year-old girl, Mexican Angela Aguilar (daughter of the legend of her country Pepe Aguilar), who with her interpretation of the classical "La Llorona" manages to silence ten thousand souls. It transmits pain and nostalgia that does not fit into this body, which comes from the DNA of the ancestor who travels, always stays on the move, neither from here nor from there. The voice that migrates, like this culture we summarize today as Latin, and as far as the industry is concerned, it is quite well seen on the Saxon market as never before. After the "Despacit", after Maracanazo of Drekler and before the next stroke.

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