Monday , May 16 2022

Mario Hernandez points to Avianca for collecting $ 10 million in ticket


Through his Twitter account, Hernandez detailed the details of an operation in which wanted to buy air tickets, but suffered difficulties by which it points to the airline.

Weather in Avianca he did not attend to me in time. The ticket was worth $ 6.7 million; to this day they take care of me and tell me that the ticket will change the fare [a] 10.7 million. It’s their fault, and I have to pay ?! How are you? “, Questioned the employer on this social network.

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Almost immediately, the airline used this platform to comment to Hernandez what would be the solution which could be managed for the case, emphasizing that there will be a “new quote” on tickets. (see also: “The robbery is real”: Mary Méndez criticized Avianca for discomfort of her executive class).

“Mario, we know that the team contacted your assistant and sent the quote to their email. Prices vary depending on availability and season. We will be sharing the new quote as requested,” the airline wrote on Twitter.

The exchange of trills did not come to an end there. Hernandez later used a Twitter user’s response to give your in-depth opinion of the deal that airlines give passengers in the country.

“The only way is competition. We need open skies“Hernandez added on this social network.

This was the crossing of trills between Hernández and Avianca:

Mario Hernandez is trending on Twitter, but for another reason

The name of the businessman is trending on the social network after it was announced that his company had launched a series of leather goods accessories with the coat of arms of Millionaires, and some fans of this team praised him.

Among the articles presented are bags, backpacks, wallets and even keychains with the manufacture of cow leather with which this leather goods company makes its manufactures.

However, the prices of these products (Between 39,900 pesos from the keychains to 339,900 from the backpacks) they caused the annoyance of several users on Twitter to consider the cost excessive, among other complaints.

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