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Followers of “The queen of the flow“They know very well Carlos Torres, Or rather Charly Flow, a role played by the actor in the series that is available on Netflix. But what few know is the woman who fell in love with the artist and that is why here we are going to tell you who it is.

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During his professional career, the actor who is part of the cast of the Colombian soap opera has preferred to keep a low profile and not disclose any passage of his private life. However, in the last days of September the artist has broken with everything and let himself be seen with whom today is the woman in his eyes, his girlfriend, Joanna Castro.

“They never put photos together they say, but as we always had a good time. What an elegance that of France”, Was the message the artist wrote to accompany the snapshot.

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After the publication of the photograph of Carlos Torres, Fans on his social network exploded in likes and comments congratulating him on the relationship he had. The name of the actor’s muse is Joanna Castro, Of whom we will tell you a little more about his life below.

According to her social media profiles, she is one Colombian businesswoman lover of culinary art. Among other details, she is the founder of Viva Natur, A company engaged in the field of healthy eating. The actor’s brand new girlfriend recently answered one of the questions that most intrigued fans of the Performer of Charly Flow.

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“Why Carles doesn’t post photos with you”, Was the question that was thrown to Johana Castro, who answered: We just prefer not to, let’s see if we get excited someday. In this sentence, she confesses that when she is with her partner she prefers to enjoy the moment and disconnect from the world.

“They ask me a lot why I don’t post almost things with Carlos. The truth is I’m very reserved with my life. When we’re together I enjoy that moment and I disconnect.”, Expressed the businesswoman some time ago in their networks.

Although it has long been unknown how long the couple has a romantic relationship, Castro has published photographs in the company of the actor for many years, some dating back to 2012.

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Carlos Andrés Torres Rivera is a Colombian television actor. He is recognized for participating in productions such as: “Bad Girls “, “Poor Rich “, “Emergency rooms “, “Francisco the mathematician”, “The queen of the flow” i “Love and live “.

The 32-year-old Colombian performer was born in Barranquilla on September 20, 1968. His parents are architects and after graduating from school he moved to Bogotá. From a very young age he liked acting. Initially she participated as a model in different campaigns, and at the age of 17 she was part of the Colombian soap opera “Parents and Children“, It narrated the daily life of the Francos, a middle-class Bogota family framed in a social problem.

His first starring role on TV was in “Love, lies and video“A soap opera that had a cast made up of actors such as Lorna Pau, Orlando Valenzuela, Juan Carlos Vargas and Francisco Javier Restrepo. Meanwhile, his film debut came in 2013 with the film”Crime with Sea View“, Written by screenwriter Nicolás Saad and directed by Gerardo Herrero.

In 2015, he was part of the “Emergency Room” of the Colombian series that starred alongside Rafael Novoa, Paola Rei, Emmanuel Esparza, Marcelo Dos Santos, Adrian Makala and Diana Hoyos. Fiction tells the story of what doctors live in an emergency room and involves their situations, whether work, personal or sentimental.

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