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Miguel Happi Lora has his statue in Monterey – Other Cities – Colombia


Former world champion Gallo, Miguel & # 39; Happi & # 39; Lora, already has her statue in the city of Monteria anda novelty that the mayor of that city made to honor the greatest athlete who gave a division in Cordoba.

The statue is placed on a pedestal on the periphery of the Colosseum bearing its name, and which has recently been rearranged. At the foot of the sculpture there is a board reading the name of the world champion and the date on which he won the orbital title (August 9, 1985 in Miami, USA).

At the ceremony led by Mayor Marcos Daniel Pineda, and attended by hundreds of installers, the work was made by sculptor Cordovan Porfirio Cassares Paiares.

For six months, the artist took a piece, the time in which every detail of the face and body was polished and carved to achieve similarity to the person Lora.

"It was not easy to find the final processing because Happi has very characteristic features. I had to review and explain in detail the photographs at the time when Lora reigned in arrays. It's harder for the printed material of that time, and because the idol is 57 years old and a few pounds to save, far from the athlete's figure that crashed the candidates and fascinated by his figures, "Kasare said.

Mayor Marcos Daniel Pineda, who promoted and funded this business, He said that the municipal administration and installers were not obliged to recognize this as the most important athlete in the region.

"Lucky Lora was an example of improvement for all Monterianos and especially for athletes. His attitude as a boxer and good citizen is a good reference for present and future generations," Pineda said.

It was not easy to find a conclusion because Happi has very characteristic features. I had to review and explain in detail photos at a time when Lora ran into strings

He added that this new sculpture will also serve as a tourist attraction, so he asked the citizens to take care of this new heritage of the installer.

"Today we will paint him and his family, which will serve as a tourist attraction for visitors. I invite the general public, among us, to deal with this sculpture that symbolizes the appreciation we feel for one of the most important people born in our city," said Pineda.

For narrator Humberto Gonzalez Kerguelen, the statue was an old debt that had a city that everyone regarded as its eternal champion. He added that now the name of Miguel "Happi" Laura has to land in the United States Hall of Fame as one of the best boxers in history.

Finally, Happy Lora, visibly moved, thanked the municipal administration and the general public for giving in his honor.

"I am honored to have this honor in my life. This memorial reminds me of many things when I was a world champion. I hope this is an example to continue to recognize and support Cordova athletes," concluded Happi Lora.


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