Tuesday , May 17 2022

Miss Universe, Peace and Politics: Gabriela Tafur does not avoid the topic


On her first day, like Miss Colombia, Gabriel Tafur Nader, she not only had to avoid belly questions about the fate of her participation in Miss Universe. Cali, who passed the valley over the Atlantic in the race to get more crowns at the National Beauty Championship (with 12 victories), spoke about politics and even sent a message of "resistance" to students mobilized for a country seeking more education .

Gabriela Tafur, a lawyer who arrived in Cartagena as a big favorite and who began to believe in a story that could have ruled on her nannies' comments, clearly showed that she was obeying the decision of the National Beauty Competition and that she did not take away the dream for now to know if to participate in Miss Universe.

"I'm not thinking about it yet, it's very early," he said with a laugh, pointing out that now his obligation is to leave the name of the country at a high level.

"I dream of representing my country internationally, regardless of the competition, because my work as Miss Columbia goes beyond the international competition, my work as Miss Colombia is related to social commitment," said the new sovereign beauty, each once questioned "limbo" in what is at this moment her participation next year at Miss Universe, because RCN channel has the last comment on this topic.

Microsoft's legal ex-advisor, Microsoft Colombia, acknowledged himself as a permanent defender of peace and said that if he had the opportunity to speak with President John Duke, he would ask her not to give up on these efforts.

"All Colombians were victims of some kind of violence because of the armed conflict in which our country was living, I was personally victimized because my grandfather was kidnapped by FARC, so I'm happy because in the end we see the grieves we had in Colombia is being solved, "said a 23-year-old lawyer.

Other hobbies

Apart from attracting attention to a safe and powerful way of responding, something that probably had an impact on the jury, the new Miss Colombia is a music mistress, and since 4 years she has performed piano and violin.

In addition, he joined the volleyball team at his university since he was 18 years old.

The challenge of Gabriele Tafur as Miss Colombia is great. Not only because this could be the first sovereign of this Miss Universe contest, but because it is under the "shadow" of another queen, also from the valley, and also crowned Miss Colombia this year, her country Valeria Morales, whose the participation of the Miss Universe Year has already been confirmed.

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