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Netflix stumbles in trying to attract new subscribers | Economy


Netflix adds subscribers at a slower pace than expected, reflecting how hard it is to become an increasingly arduous battle to master the distribution of original content on the Internet. The global base of users of the platform of streaming Grow only 2.7 million accounts in the second quarter of the year, when five million were anticipated. In the United States, it also contracted for the first time: there were 126,000 fewer clients. Their titles fell 12% after the presentation of results.

The expectation was not met at all. Reed Hastings, its CEO, admitted that they were short in all regions and that it was especially noticed in the markets where the price of the ticket increased. Netflix expects, in any case, to be a temporary stand. It anticipates that it will add seven million subscribers in the third quarter for new films by Martin Scorsese and Michael Bay.

The company based in Los Gats (California) saw how its quarterly profit fell to 271 million dollars between April and June, 30% less than a year ago. Revenue, however, rose to 4,920 million. In this case it represents an improvement of 25%. The results show, however, that Netflix can be even more vulnerable when new platforms start running streaming Apple, Disney, WarnerMedia and Comcast.

Netflix has 151 million subscribers all over the world. The new competitors announced that they will withdraw from their content platform as the series Friends, To offer it in its new services. The second quarter also coincided with the final season of Thrones game which broadcasts HBO. Hastings insists that he continues betting on not offering publicity.

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