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Nintendo: Mario Segale liked to inspire Mario Bros plumber Super Smash Bros Ultimate VIDEO | Video Games


It's a pity for Nintendo fans. Mario Segale, known as Real Super Mario, died on Saturday, October 27, at the age of 84.

However, what little he knows is that Segale did not like the idea of ​​being known or connected to the famous Mario Bros..

As you know, for the first time a famous character in the video game appeared Donkey Kong. His creator, Shigeru Miiamoto, gave her a name Jumpman, as one of the basics of the game was that this exceeded the jumping from the obstacles sent by the huge monkey.

They quickly realized that this name had no commercial impact, especially in the western market, which made Nintendo think of changing it to a better-known one.

According to legend, according to Segale, the man rented offices from Nintendo to the United States. Was Shigeru Miiamoto that, knowing his name, decided to be perfect for the newly opened Jumpman.

In this story, although most of them are known as one of the many legends in the video game, Segale himself confirmed the part of the story in an interview for The Seattle Times in 1993.

That year, the game sold 100 million copies and the American joked that "he was still waiting for his commission."

Despite his glory, the user discovered his observer who said: "Although it was an inspiration for the name Super Mario Nintendo; since his tenants were in the seventies, he always avoided ignorance and wanted to be known for what he had achieved in his life. "

Unfortunately, Segale did not like this idea very much. He believed that this could damage his public image. However, the opposite was true; because the sadness of his death spreads throughout the world.

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