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Prostitution is migrating from the Center to Parc Lleras


The phenomenon of a degraded business is due to the oversupply of sexual services and tourism.

Between the abundance of drinks and lewd looks, behind the necklines and moralistic judgments, under the degradation of the business and the opportunity of the tourism, the prostitution in the street has been migrating notoriously from the Center of Medellín towards the Town, like an indomitable wave flooding the busiest parks.

And of being indomitable and offering himself in the parks he does know Travel Dove *, Who from the age of 15 began in the old trade of prostitutes; today he is 66. While he bites a fillet of clothes in a restaurant near the Berrío metro station, he recounts how he witnessed the evolution of sex work in the city, from the cups that danced with the drunks in taverns of Guayaquil, until the prepayments that give fellatio to foreigners in rented helicopters.

“I left home when I was a teenager. We lived in the Castilla neighborhood and I was tired of my father hitting me for not making a destination,” he recalled. It was 1970, when leeks and street music enlivened the canteen dances, and she went to whip tiles and cots in the villages of the West Antioch, Risaralda, Cauca and Valle.

A “while” – as he is called in the slang of pimping at the time of the sexual encounter with the client – was worth 100 pesos, or $ 500 if it was dawn. “This was a platter, I managed to‘ juniniar ’, eat and buy clothes,” he missed Paloma Viatgera, With a shine in the retina.

At the age of 20 and with his father already dead from cancer, he returned to the city and got a job in bars in the Alhambra, Cundinamarca and Veracruz, in the Center.

In that time there was certain innocence in the office, since the ladies of company were carnetizadas and every Friday they had sanitary controls; only if they had seen and please the doctor could they work on the weekends. There is nothing left of such a custom.

cannibal market

In recent decades, prostitution has been colonizing spaces in the heart of the metropolis. In bars and corners of Guayaquil, Louvain, Niquitao, the Veracruz, Barbecues, San Diego and the parks of Berrío, Bolivar and San Antonio were swarming the sexual services.

As if forming ghettos, the veterans were left in one sector, the homosexuals and transvestites in another, and the girls in theirs, instrumentalized by criminal gangs that redesigned the borders of the Center, in the middle of their disputes over drug trafficking.

In the 21st century the business had its first peak of saturation, according to Luz Mery Giraldo, Director of the Center’s Warriors, a foundation that oversees the rights of sex workers. “Due to the armed conflict in the countryside, Valle, the Eix Cafetero and other parties began to arrive in shock, who without further ado engaged in prostitution,” he explained.

She herself, from Pennsylvania (Caldas), has been in the business since 2000, competing for the clientele with exotic women, with heterogeneous bodies and accents.

The second peak of employment began in 2016, with Venezuelan migration. The initial reaction of the paisas was to protect their territory with violence. “They teamed up with the‘ convivires ’(criminal gangs) to take out the foreigners, but that didn’t last long, because they were too much,” Light Mery narrated.

The difference was in the payment of the extortions that these “cohabitants” charge to all economic, legal and illegal activities. Traditional prostitutes reached agreements not to pay the “taxes” of surveillance and “right” to use the square, which imposes organized crime, and this was influenced by the fact that several members of these groups are their own. children.

Foreigners, on the other hand, accept the 10% quotas with resignation and thus obtain the privilege of using the area. “Before there were fights over everything, now they tell one,‘ I’m not leaving here, I’m paying for the ‘vaccine,’ ”Paloma noted.

THE COLOMBIAN went around the corners most frequented by these ladies, and talked to them, checking that there is indeed an overpopulation. In the square of the sculptures, in front of the Museum of Antioch, for each work of Botero there are at least three women exhibiting, posing next to the bronze as beauties waiting to be chiseled.

This oversupply ended up cannibalizing the market for erotic pleasures, and is one of the main reasons why the business will migrate to Lleras Park with its entire structure: the Mesalinas, the pimps and the bandits who provide them with security.

“They are looking for places where it is more profitable and there is less competition. In the Center there is a saturation, which will continue to increase because Medellin is a city receiving migrants and displaced people. The Lleras is a scene of strong tourism and for many visitors the prostitution is an attraction, ”he noted Patricia Pla, Head of the Management of Sexual Diversity and Gender Identities of the City Council, emphasizing that this trade in Colombia is not illegal for the adult population.

catalog of depravities

“Foreigners damaged the square, threw prices down the floor, and the men are very capricious, they want to meet different women,” said Paloma, walking along the footpath that connects the park of Berrío with La Veracruz.

In the Center, a “while” costs an average of $ 10,000, plus $ 3,000 worth the occasional rent of a room in a motel. However, foreigners who charge $ 5,000 or pay for the room themselves are required, which makes the transaction more favorable for the client.

“Suddenly this is very little silver for a Colombian, but bread we are fed up bolivars bread bread send bread home,” he said Delcira *, A 22-year-old Venezuelan who works in Plaza Botero. Of the interviewees, outsiders are the most reluctant to talk to the press, and she explains the reason: “Our families don’t know we do this. Barquisimeto thinks I’m selling clothes in a warehouse.”

As hard as it sounds, $ 5,000 doesn’t represent the bottom line of the job’s degradation. Light Mery said that next to the public restrooms in the parks (these striking blue plastic huts), there are women who charge $ 3,000 for oral sex. “The less beautiful or the elderly, sometimes give it only for food; and drug addicts, there are many, for any $ 2,000 or a piece of marijuana,” said the leader.

In the days of splendor of Paloma Viatgera, A “while” included conversations and very conventional intimacy. “I took good care of them, but without anal or oral sex. Today they still propose to me and I tell them ‘listen to this one, I didn’t do it when I was young and beautiful, now less’. It’s just that girls now work with all inclusive: water, electricity and telephone, “said the veteran.

In the Center, the “best” prices are given in San Diego neighborhood bar houses and 33rd Avenue, between the Exposiciones station and the San Diego roundabout. Here they charge from $ 20,000 to $ 30,000.

In this sector occurs the phenomenon of “calves”: teenagers or trans girls, who are picked up in taxis or private cars to give fellatio drivers and passengers, for a lap of 10 to 15 minutes, which does not always end well. “Sometimes they leave them abandoned in the body of the Las Palmas road, break them and don’t pay them,” Llum Mery has delineated.

San Diego prices are ridiculous compared to Lleras. Nancy *, 1 caleña of 28 years, specified that while in the Center $ 100,000 is obtained doing four or five “moments” to the day, in this park of the Town they are gained to them “of a single sitting”.

The standard at the Lleras is between $ 100,000 and $ 200,000 “hits,” according to her. When asked what “blows” are, he replies with a smile, “Well Colombian pesos, Mister! “.

Nancy does not leave the Center because she has a loyal clientele there, although she is devoting more and more time to gringo hunting in the Lleras. To the advantage of the price, he adds that he works fewer hours.

Those who still resist in La Veracruz, indicated that there are customers there 24 hours a day, while in El Poblat the “all wind” is more than all night. “The square there is for young, beautiful and girls who have money to have surgery (cosmetic surgeries); instead you find them plump, old, made here, but with flavor,” he said. Marcela *, Bellanita, 38, in a bar adjacent to the Museum of Antioch.

Faced with the degradation of the profession, the oversupply and the impossibility of competing in beauty against those who migrate to the Lleras, the veterans are resorting to complementary tasks, such as doing toilet at home, selling mecato and black.

After posing for our camera, Paloma Viatgera he confessed that he is still not afraid to undress, “because my body is healthy and has no scars. But I am already worn out, and in La Veracruz the client is always looking for the most favorable rate. In money, we are worth less and less.”

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