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Renewed sports journalist Javier Giraldo Neira passed away in Manizales


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November 08, 2018 – 11:04

Would be:

Jorge Hernan Cabra Castro / Special for El Pais

Javier Giraldo Neira

Famous journalist Manizaleno Javier Giraldo Neira passed away this morning at the Avidanti Clinic in the Villa Pilar neighborhood in his hometown.

Giraldo Neira, who was considered the dean of sports journalism in Colombia, died in 78 years after he entered the medical center the second time, two weeks after a gall bladder operation.

His son Havijer commented to La Patria on the previous days that the situation was very delicate, as doctors were unable to determine what the disease was, very delicate because of the seriousness of his complications.

Todelar, Caracol Radio, RCN are some of the media that could enjoy the indescribable journalistic and radio talent of Giralda Neira, also recognized as the founder of Nev Stadium and his symbolic program, "Stadion i Munk".

On some occasions he worked on television, as well as in the Copa Libertadores final which won Atletico Nacional in 1989, where he made a transfer in collaboration with Edgar Perea.

Giraldo Neira was a distinguished horseman, in his transmissions characterized by abundance of synonyms, a characteristic that his imitators used.

His audience, who followed him at the stands during his shows, enjoyed laughing with his funny jokes and comments.

Javier was mentor to many sports journalists from Manizales and Caldas, who are now working in various media in the country. For this reason, the reaction to his death by members of the guild did not wait.

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