Monday , August 8 2022

Samsung and Huawei hold a leading role in global mobile sales for the third quarter


Global deliveries fell by 3%

Johan Chikuiza Nonsokue – [email protected]

Special company Counterpoint Research presented its sales report for the smartphone in the third quarter of the year, in which Samsung's presence in the first place and Huawei in another profession, which reached the last semester, after exceeding its participation in the Apple market.

Despite a record decline of 13% compared to units sold for the third quarter last year, Samsung concluded this quarter with 72.3 million sold mobile phones, representing 19% of the world market share and reached maintenance at the top.

He showed an increase in sales of 33%, Huawei consolidated in another position, reporting sales of 52 million smartphones over the same period. The first three companies ended up with Apple, a company that showed figures similar to those of the third quarter of last year, as it remained at 12% of the market share and with 46.9 million units sold, the growth was only 200,000 sales

The Chinese brand that entered this country this year, Xiaomi, has joined the apple brand because it already covers 9% of smartphone market share, with 35.7 million mobile phones sold in the last quarter. With the same market share, the fifth place corresponds to Chinese Oppo, which closed 33.9 million sold products.

The Control Investigation report also points out that the total sales of mobile phones in the third quarter fell 3% compared to last year, after shifting from 398.8 million smartphones to 386.8 million for these three months.


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