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Seminu! This was how Lina Tejeiro shone in renowned national magazine


the beautiful Lina Tejeiro He constantly shares with all his followers different photographs where he reveals his incredible figure and, undoubtedly, his fans always flatter his beauty. A publication via Instagram reveals its sensational body.

With only 12 hours, the publication where Lina Tejeiro remembers her way through the SoHo magazine, Which dates from 2017, already has more than 200,000, like & # 39 ;. The young woman has brought all sorts of groceries, Including comments from several of her closest friends like Greeicy Rendón and from his former recording partners in The Law of the Heart, Laura de León i Mabel Moreno.

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In the snapshots, Lina lets her appreciate her slim figure using only a tiny piece of black lace. The actress accompanied the photographs with the description: "These photos were for SoHo some time ago and it was very blonde. I could not get used to this color. What do you prefer, blond or chestnut?".

It should be noted that Lina Tejeiro He has put on different occasions for the magazine, but in the last edition where the 27-year-old girl was brought, she explained everything about her passage through & # 39;The Law of the HeartYour anorexia episode, your relationship with the singer Andy Rivera, Your goals and dreams in life.

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