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Shadow Tomb Raider: Destroyer of Destiny


The third war in the second re-start of the saga Tomb Raider Cristal Dinamics was fully delegated to close associate Eidos Montreal, and the results were surely found for what Lara Croft would say in a modern trilogy, transforming her image so sexy at other times in favor of character more realistically

Shadow Tomb Raider This represented a visually emphasizing suggestion that Larry returned to a more symbolic place for her predecessors, but as she had never before seen such a definition. From the first Tomb Raider while "restart" Tomb Raider Legend signified the importance of Peru in the archeological field of Lara Croft, but in the latest game distributed by Ekuni Skuare, these contributions to the culture of Inca and Maia are strongly felt, as explains the history of the game.

Homer Simpson?

Despite unusual zero barrier bar i the indignation caused by the users For a quick discount for the title launched a few months ago, it still exists more Lara Croft skills for discovering on the way through Peru and the hidden city of Paititi. However, for this, it is necessary to obtain a season tickets available for $ 20 or $ 5 for individual content, as is the case with The ark of destiny, the first challenging tomb of seven DLCs to be launched in seven months.

Thanks to the new release content, which was previously planned for October, Lara can return to Kuwait Iaku to help Abbi (Jonah's clear romantic interest) and her grandmother to leave the mystery of the Peruvian girlfriend, or Maia, depends from look at the thing. The map left by his deceased mother, just a year ago, leads Lara to the crypt near the fishing village, where the basic elements of exploration and climbing are repeated, with some traps and only one battle against hungry wolves.

Okay, that was offensive to both …

After collecting a piece of artifact and finding an even simpler buried in a neighboring jungle, Abby gathers the third fragment from the camera to form a relic that leads incomparably – and an expert at this time – Lara to the grave that gives her the name of DLC: The Forge. This is actually a kind of foundry whose entrance consists of a statue of snakeheads that discharges gas over their jaws, for which you must constantly use lightning to propel the platforms from which they will hang.

The danger, of course, is that the land is a lion.

The goal is to reach the top of the high central pillar by activating the switch, climbing the temporary placement of the platform and shooting the arrows on the statue of a snake coming out of gas, in order to start the rotation of some archaic and technically functional elevator after so many years. Given the mystery of what Anbi's ancestors built on that site, La Trinidad did not hesitate to get to know the situation, but they were far enough away from the guardians of the secret.

No solid, nor liquid, "Gas Snake."

For this reason, there is no enemy to defeat, but a curious ability to overcome the grave: the production of expulsion grenades with the chosen rifle. Likewise, the DLC also includes a "Brocken" suit (rewarding its "shad" variation) which seems to be a very famous Big Boss's SV Sneaking Suit. Metal Gear Solid V; as well as automatic weapons Umbrage 3-80 (rewarding with its shadow variation), whose quick shot is also quiet.

It's not that it's useful when you play very closely or in the progression of 100% and there are not many enemies who are going to the horizon. While you can count The ark of destiny like a tomb and a tomb, it does not take much time to overcome and its contribution is somewhat bright for the general plane, except for certain revelations.

From the story, in the main menu, it is possible to play a challenging tomb in a cooperative regime, providing the absence of a multiplier (and not that it was necessary) Shadow Tomb Raider. In this mode, one player takes on the role of Lara and another Abby when it comes to researching The Forge. It is also possible to participate in world rankings during a trial or assessment of an attack regime, where players must follow tracks of blue, green, and red to accumulate points as soon as possible.

In these regimes, in time you can access another challenge of the tomb, as opposed to the main u The ark of destiny, is recycled from elsewhere in the main game. We just have to wait for what Eidos Montreal is preparing for the next six downloadable content, but based on this first DLC, it seems better to wait to explore them together, not individually.

Seasonal passivity Shadov of the Tomb Raider for PlaiStation 4 offered by Enik Latin America Squares.

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