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The best guys Susana Gimnez with Malum


The driver traveled to Medellin to share two days with the singer "Felices los 4" Credit: Telefe Press

interviewed Carlos Tevez and
Veronica Castro,

Susana Gimenez

traveled to Medelin with which he shared


a new special program. From the moment of the meeting, it was already clear that there are some coincidences between them:
platinum of their hair and animal love. Was this singer waiting for two of his dogs, at a farm in that colombian city.

Between sheep and horses

The tour of the singing farm began with the planting of a strawberry and then reached the sheep's feather. Of course, the diva could not avoid contact with the little one. "I'm your fake mother," she told the new girl she first kissed. The lamb was then baptized by a translator like Susannah and fed her food together.

"This farm has everything except luxury and it fascinates me, because it reminds me of my origins and my childhood," Malum told him before proposing Susani on a horse. Then she remembered it in Italy while filming a movie
Man, she had a very bad experience with the frog which, along with her riding, began to run and could not stop it.

In any case, the diva agreed to meet the barn. "This is my favorite place on the farm, this is my spoiled," the musician told him before the tour began. "Look what's good, how to make makeup," Susana said, pointing to one of the equals.

One worse than the other

The diva and the singer went to the berry that the Colombian had on his farm, and then visited the section devoted to greenery. "It's a hydroponic culture that does not need land," he explained. "It's a dream I've had since I was a kid, and that really unites my family, it also inspires me a lot and helps me to clarify my mind, where I am reunited with the child," he concluded.

Later, Maluma invited Susan to play hard, which is the national sport of Colombia. The first blow of the driver was not wise. "I'm useless, I kill a dog there," she grated. However, his opponent was much worse. Finally, forced by rain, they gave a related game.

Quick and supportive

But then Maluma sent another call: a trip to the field in quads. Everyone in the vehicle then started a walk in which the giant recognized that he likes motorcycles.

After that, the singer met him with some of the boys from his founding. Teens have prepared a percussion with one of the symbolic songs of their program.

Changing the appearance of the singer was an inevitable object. That's why Suzana asked him how long he was wearing platinum hair. "I did it a week ago, because I've seen it for a long time and I needed a change. Do you take me to the blonde?" He replied.

Change the role

Then there was a time for an interview. After him
For her girlfriend, Natalia Barulich, Susana took out a fan questionnaire. One of them had to do with the most unfavorable proposal he received. "I made a big group of friends, and I told them it was too much for me," he said with a laugh.

But before the giant ran out of her questionnaire, Maluma suggested reversing roles. With tone "porteno", he first asked what was happiness. "Now, peace is peace, silence and my family is good," she replied.

"What's the best and worst thing about falling in love?" He wanted to know later. "Love is fantastic, but the worst thing is coexistence, I have many couples and cohabitation, for me, love is killing," she revealed.

The next day, Susana arrived at La Macarena Stadium, where the musician will perform. In the wardrobe, while the musician tried, Susana met with Luis, his father, and Manuela's sisters, who told him what Maluma was before becoming a successful singer. In the end, the host enjoyed the show with clean dance and applause.

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