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The "cheapest" iPhone of this generation can be enough for everyone


iPhone Ten Erre. That's the name we need to get used to. Unlike previous "affordable" iPhones (such as the iPhone 5C and iPhone SE), this 2018 marks the way Apple will keep track of its generations. A smartphone is cheaper than the version premium, but without loss of design, power and camera.

And make sure that I dare to believe that, because I spent more than a week with the iPhone KSR. Just enough time to figure out that despite its shortcomings and differences in relation to the iPhone KSS and KSS Mak, iPhone for most. My reasons? down in this detailed analysis.

Technical specification

It is important to consider in detail every technical specification of the iPhone KSR, to make it clear what the differences with the iPhone premium this year. Also, it's a good time to see your unboked and initial team impressions:

iPhone KSR


150.9 to 75.7 to 8.3 mm


194 grams


6.1 inch LCD


828 to 1792 pixels


Apple A12 Bionic six-stage




64GB / 128GB / 256GB


2942 mAh


12 MPX (28 mm with OIS), 7MPKS front


iOS 12


ViFi 802.11 b / g / n / ac, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 5 LE, GPS, NFC and Lightning


18,499 pesos / 19,699 pesos / 22,199 pesos


The iPhone Ks has changed everything for an Apple smartphone, a borderless screen, glass and metal for its production, omitting the launch button and cut. All this has been transferred to the iPhone KSR, although with some differences. Differences are needed to leave them premium on iPhone KSS and KSS Mak.

Iphone Ksr Reviev 13

Glass and metal frame are the combination chosen for this model, but instead of stainless steel is dedicated aluminum series 7000. For those who paid attention to last year's iPhone 8, it's pretty much the same mix that we've seen in them.

I like the feeling that carries the frame, in the end it is high-quality metal, robust, good grip and less prone to scratches.

I like the feeling that carries the frame, in the end it is high-quality metal, robust, good grip and less prone to scratches. If they asked me to describe how the iPhone KSR feels in one word, I would choose it "rough", but with Apple's classic attention to detail.

The back is glass. The glass that the company insists is resistant, but not as big as its older brothers. In fact, this is the same as we saw on the iPhone Ks. In this same section we see the company's classic logo and one camera.

Iphone Ksr Reviev 5

The unit Apple gave us for this analysis is (Product) RED with red chrome that perfectly hides fingerprints and a completely black front. There are also versions in black, yellow, blue and coral versions. If I chose one, I think that's it Yellow would be my first choice, the other would be red.

The step of the camera is inevitably more noticeable than the iPhone KSS and KSS Mak, all because the part having the sensor is smaller. This encourages us to fear the scratches of scratches, but at the time I used it I did not have any problems.

On the right side there is a power / recharge button and a tray for the nanoSIM. On the opposite side are the volume buttons and the silence activation switch. At the bottom is his Lightning connector and one of his speakers.

Iphone Ksr Reviev 17

Unusual data about the Lightning port: it is not matched to the middle of the bottom as well as on another iPhone. The screen driver is an important component, so Apple sacrificed the symmetry of its connector mount this component below the panel. An intelligent solution, given that the other option (just like most companies adopting) is to put a larger lower frame, thus violating the idea of ​​the "whole screen" we want to sell.

Apple sacrificed the Lightning connector symmetry at the bottom to maintain the symmetry of the front.

The front eye with the naked eye has the same elements as its older brothers, with cut as a protagonist. But there are some changes. The most important is that the frames around the screen are a bit larger. Fat that contributes to the fact that the phone looks rougher.

OLED panels are mounted on the iPhone KSS and KSS Mak, which by their nature each pixel produces their own lighting. The iPhone KSR panel is an LCD that requires the entire backlight system, and yes, this system is placed in this thicker frame.

Iphone Ksr Reviev 18

In the iPhone KSR dimensions it is placed in the middle between KSS and KSS Mak. It's easier to handle one hand compared to KSS Mak, but not as much as the iPhone KSS. Its percentage of use of the frontal remains is in 79%, a lower number of their brothers and sisters, and that second peak of its price range.

iPhone KSR

iPhone KSS

Samsung Galaxy S9 +



Sony Xperia KSZ2


150.9 mm

143.6 mm

158.1 mm

155 mm

153.2 mm

153 mm


75.7 mm

70.9 mm

73.8 mm

73.9 mm

71.9 mm

72 mm


8.3 mm

7.7 mm

8.5 mm

7,8 mm

7.9 mm

11.1 mm


194 g

177 g

189 g

180 g

162 g

198 g


6.1 "

5.8 "

6.2 "

6.1 "

6.1 "









Resistance to water contact is also repeated, but here it remains with IP67 certificate. This will support a depth of 1 meter in 30 minutes. It should be noted that this resistance was designed for accidents, but for the reason of destiny I used to use it in the rain and shower, but my unit was not a problem. Although of course, we must bear in mind the risks involved.


I understand that the main criticisms of this iPhone KSR are from their screens. Mostly from their "low resolution". There is a LCD panel from 6.1 inches with a resolution of 828 to 1792 pixels, and therefore 326 pixels per inch.

Iphone Ksr Reviev 12

We are talking about performance first. The screen is good where you look. It has calibration and color reproduction that, although it's far from what the OLED panel offers, is within the standards Apple habits us.

The colors are less saturated and the blacks are less profound compared to the iPhone KSS screen, but the accuracy of the color looks right for me. The overall nuances are a little warmer than normal and with a black background is almost impossible for the frame and cut to hide.

The overall sound of the panel is a little warmer than normal.

The light that turns 625 nita According to Apple's official data, it's good to display an outdoor display. Although my recommendation here is to get a better experience, automatic lighting control is activated. This gives better figures, mostly maxims.

Iphone Ksr Reviev

But let's go back to the polemics: resolution. Starting from the attempts of the iPhone KSS Mak, of course I notice a lower pixel density on the screen. The text is displayed with less sharpness, such as application icons and the entire operating system in general.

This experience is similar to what we get with the iPhone 6, 6S, 7 and 8, which have a lower resolution than their "Plus" versions. It's hard to see the pixels, but if we make a comparison next to other bodies with a higher resolution, they are noticeable at 326 ppi.

One important departure is 3D Touch, a technology that allows us to press more certain elements of the interface with force, to activate the review or special menus for interaction. It is inevitable that he does not notice his absence, more when he wanted to access the camera and / or bulb from the locked screen, or when he wanted to switch to a certain part of the text that he wrote.

Iphone Ksr Reviev 19

Apple is trying to make up for something his name is Haptic Touch: prolonged pulsation that will feed us with small vibrations. The bad thing is that it only gets 3D Touch in some parts of the system, not everything.

As the latest data in this section. The screen is compatible with the P3 upper color, but It's not HDR as in his older brother; although it has True Tone technology that adjusts the temperature of the panel to ambient lighting.


Although the iPhone KSR has renounced some things with its design and display, the opposite happens to the hardware. Here Apple did not measure and mount its latest processor: A12 Bionic.

Iphone Ksr Reviev 1
Apl1v81 Tmja46p Floorplan Sd

We have already discussed this chip in detail, but it should be remembered that it is SoC with six-stage CPU, quad-core GPU and Neural Engine of eight cores capable of delivering up to 5 trillion operations per second (5 TeraOPS). The chip was manufactured in the 7nm process, with 6.9 billion transistors.

This picture shows the interior of the Apple A12 Bionic, via TechInsights.

In practice, everything turns into identical performance of the iPhone KSS Mak, which I tried several weeks ago. I did not find a game or application that could jeopardize performanceIn addition, the OS moves with that characteristic fluid that we have seen for years. In this model, there are 3GB of RAM (instead of 4GB), but it was not possible to notice the difference.

Performance identical to that of the iPhone KSS Mak.

Surely there is someone interested in knowing his result benchmarks, here his results at Geekbench 4 compare him with his predecessors:

As an additional data, the AnTuTu number is 330512 and is compared with the Snapdragon 845 (from the LG V35 ThinK) and the Kirin 980 (from the Mate 20 Pro, where, in addition, the high-performance mode is not activated):

I recommend reading Anandtech's technical analysis of A12 Bionic. They conclude that – without comparing with Kirin 980 – Apple's chip is very much above the most powerful chips installed on Android phones.


I recall that the iPhone SE offered great autonomy, all for integrating the chip more efficiently than the one on the iPhone 5S that holds the battery and screen. I thought this would be repeated with this iPhone KSR and though the results were not so surprising, they were extraordinary.

The biggest test of autonomy was the day I had to travel to CDMKS at 4h (everyone who heard our ROM podcast will know that I do not live in the country's capital). The day before traveling I traveled 100% on the phone, I turned it off and programmed the alarm. The phone woke up with 93% of the remaining battery.

Iphone Ksr Reviev 8

On the way, about 3 hours, I listened to music through Spotifi continuously through a wireless connection. During the day, I made some calls, consulted my e-mail, video some of the videos, maps, and used traditional social networks and messaging applications. And of course, my return was identical: 3-4 hours of uninterrupted music on Spotifi.

It was 6 hours and the phone sent me a notice that there was 10% more battery left. That, with a bit of rough use, could Stay about 14 hours or a little less. It's not surprising autonomy, but it improves the number compared to previous iPhones.

The other side of the coin is charged. Supports fast charging, but You need to go through the box to take advantage. You will have to pay at least 1568 pesos to avoid Wait more than three hours to charge the battery 100% with a 5 V charger included in the box.

Otherwise, It also has a wireless charger, a plus for those who forget the cables.


The sound section received the same improvements as the more expensive models. We have a few speakers they improve power and quality.

In my tests, the sound was less powerful compared to iPhone KSS Mak, but better compared to previous generations. The most important thing is that Separation channels that enable stereo audio experience even more, although of course, you will receive the maximum content at the maximum.

Iphone Ksr Reviev 2

If you want to use hearing aids, remember that today there is a 3.5 mm connection, there are no adapters for their use. Our options are reduced to purchase the adapter (the original costs 199 pesos), use the supplied lightning headsets or use wireless headphones.

The listening experience with the included lightning bolts is pretty good, though It's strange that Apple does not apply personalization options. But this not only keeps audio, but also the screen, and in general, how iOS works.


When we forget the launch button and the fingerprint sensor, like the iPhone X, now our face will be selected to identify us. This includes the same FaceID which we saw on the iPhone KSS and KSS Mak.

Iphone Ksr Reviev 11

The system (called the TrueDepth camera) consists of a spot projector, an infrared camera, and a light emitter to create a three dimensional map of our face. For those who do not know Apple's face for unlocking, I summarize it:

  • The projector emits around 30,000 points on the face to create a map
  • If it is in the dark, an invisible infrared light will be emitted for identification assistance
  • The infrared camera analyzes the point and compares it with a previously recorded record in Secure Enclave on the A12 Bionic chip.
  • If the image analyzed and the saved image match, we enter.
Technological device is zoomed in Internal display of TrueDepth camera.

The system works also with the same precision as its older brothers. It also takes that little speed advantage compared to the iPhone X, and allows you to recognize your face on a slightly wider angle.

And yes, like in the iPhone X, KSS and KSS Mak, we will have animojis and memojis, those animated avatars that will create the monitoring of our face thanks to reading the TrueDepth camera. I repeat, They are more beautiful than useful.


It's no surprise to anyone that iPhones have always been photographic smartphones. And not because of their included modes or a large number of sensors, but because they are the reference for those who are looking for camera for targeting and recording.

Iphone Ksr Reviev 6

The photos section of this iPhone KSR needed to be cut. This is visible to the eyes, but invisible in practice. There is one sensor on the back, but the same is the same wide-angle iPhone KSS and KSS Mak: 12 megapixels, with f / 1.8 aperture and 1.4 micron pixels. There is no telephoto.

And as the technical clock says, the results of this camera are quite similar to the iPhone KSR. Here are some samples:

Img 0053
Img 0067
Img 0130
Img 0204
Img 0244
Img 0272
Img 0238
Img 0314

The results are good in most situations. We have good color reproduction, with a saturation point that will give more life to the scene. The sharpness is in line with the acceptable, but like his older brother, this resolution already begins to feel short for certain situations.

If the scene is complicated, with lots of lights and shadows, or just want to extract the maximum of artificial intelligence A12 Bionic, Smart HDR enters the game. This system is an enhanced version of HDR that we know in the latest smartphones: it takes a number of photos with several levels of exposure and joins them using artificial intelligence and mathematical algorithms to result in a photo with a wider dynamic range.

Differences in the use of this HDR Smart, or not, are noticed when the scene has sharp shadows and excessive areas. And, of course, to notice them, the option to capture original photos and HDRs must be activated in the configuration. Here are some examples:

This picture is in the interior of a commercial beach at night. For some it will be hard to notice, but Smart HDR is noise reduction in some areas (such as a model and a window in the upper right corner) and lighted lights (on the right and in the room on the right).

This is a very complicated scene, with lots of illuminated areas and shadows. It seems that in this case Smart HDR is limited to raise contrast, and he did it, but it also illuminated partially the sky, an area that is located just behind the light wires.

This is another example of how the Smart HDR is trying to reduce the burned areas of the scene. On a normal photo, some of the white flowers are seen without details, but Smart HDR reduces exposure and displays some of its textures. The bad thing in this case is that the dark space between the two rows of plants is even darker, losing some information.

At night the performance appears to be appropriate. It's not the best night camera, it suffers from noise and texture washing, but it leaves us pretty useful photos, for example:

Img 0320

Under these same conditions, Smart HDR is activated, further reducing the noise and balancing of bright and dark areas. Here's a sample of the results:

As data also for those who still doubt the differences between the iPhone KSR camera and the KSS, here is a photo taken with secondary differences from the same angle and is placed on both phones. It's amazing how Apple dared to ride the same camera in two models that have a significant price difference.

Fortunately, even with only one camera, there is a possibility of taking it photos in portrait mode. У овом случају не постоји други сензор за снимање информација о дубини, али путем софтвера можете креирати мапу позадине како бисте створили тај познати ефекат бокех.

Имг 0311

Резултати су добри, иако има неке проблеме са детекцијом контура, замућење је природно. Испод напуштам упоређивање истог портрета са истог растојања снимљеног са иПхоне КСР и КСС Маком, а највећа разлика је у фокусном растојању: ако желимо да је репродукујемо у КСР-у, морамо да приступимо, али неизбјежно лице ће бити изобличено за коришћење широкоугаоне леће.

Иако у квалитету, иПхоне КСР преузима водство. Пошто сензор који снима је светлији од телефото иПхоне КСС-а, мање буке и више детаља.

Важна чињеница, портретни режим КСР-а не ради са објектима или животињама, морате обавезно препознати лице како бисте применили замућење. Иако постоје апликације, као што је Халиде, које вам омогућавају да прескочите то ограничење.

Предња камера је практично иста као и иПхоне КСС и КСС Мак, тако да су њихови резултати идентични. Имамо исти режим портрета, али у овом случају је откривање позадине боље јер користи додатне сензоре система ТруеДептх.

iPhone KSR

У оба случаја, апликација за камеру ће нам омогућити подесите ниво замућења након што снимимо фотографију, поред тога имамо и класичне модове осветљења. Иако у случају главног, ми ћемо имати само две од четири доступне са предњом камером.

Интерфејс апарата прати линију једноставности, задржавајући идеју да је иПхоне камера дизајнирана за постављање и снимање. Да, можемо одабрати ниво експозиције и тачку фокуса, али нема ручног режима што данас видимо у већини паметних телефона.

Ипхоне Кср Ревиев 16

Снимање видео записа остаје максимално 4К резолуције и уз могућност снимање звука у стерео, користећи систем уграђених микрофона и отказивање буке. Резултати видеа прате линију оних на фотографијама, иако морамо препознати рад оптичке стабилизације који се базира на софтверу заснованом на софтверу.


Чини ми се да сам сјајан да запамтим да иПхоне КСР покреће иОС у својој најновијој верзији. Конкретно, данас има иОС верзија 12.1 који је активирао дуалСИМ могућности у неким земљама. У Мексику морамо чекати.

Стога се суочавамо са истим иОС-ом који знамо. Са специфичним побољшањима које смо већ дубоко видели у претходним месецима, као што су обавештења групе или нови део да бисте сазнали колико дуго остајемо у коришћењу одређених апликација или телефона у целини.

Ипхоне Кср Ревиев 14

Одатле на Апплеовом оперативном систему остаје у истом концепту: врло мало прилагодљивог, али изузетно стабилан. Пошто овај модел губи дугме за покретање, он наслијеђа навигацију засновану на гестовима:

  • Превуците нагоре вратимо се на почетни екран.
  • Превуците нагоре док не оставите прст на средини екрана мултитаскинг ће се отворити (клизање сваке картице надоле ће затворити апликације)
  • Превуците са дна брзо ћемо прелазити између апликација.
  • Да позовете Сири, морате притиснути и задржати дугме за укључивање / прекидање
  • Да бисте искључили телефон, морате притиснути и задржати дугме за укључивање / прекидање и јачину звука

По мом мишљењу навигација геста је велики плус овог мобилног телефона. Чак и након што је више од годину дана користио иПхоне Кс, и даље осећам да је мој прст, наравно, тај који има контролу над читавим интерфејсом.

Мишљење Ксатака Мексика

ИПхоне КСР је иПхоне за све. То је "приступачан" модел каталога компаније, али јесте онај који има најбољи однос трошкова и користи. Губи ствари попут ОЛЕД екрана, телефото сензора и дизајна "више премиум"; али задржава моћ и најбољу камеру ако је оно што је тражено циљати и пуцати.

Лоше? за опсег цена где се опције такмиче, оне нису мало, а не горе. Можда постоје тачке на којима је иПхоне КСР испред својих противника (смем да кажем да нема више моћнијег смартпхоне-а у истом цјеновном опсегу), али постоје и други гдје ће бити превазиђен. Чак и за тимове с нижим цијенама.

Ипхоне Кср Ревиев 15

Ако траже иПхоне и нису спремни платити 24.499 песоса за иПхоне КСС "јефтиније" (и немојте ништа одустати од одређених секција) иПхоне КСР је опција за разматрање. Ако оно што тражите је само мобилно (без обзира да ли је то иОС или Андроид) у овом опсегу цена, опсег опција се значајно повећава.








Молим те

  • Паметни телефон са најбољим перформансама који постоји.
  • Добро изграђен, са пажњом на детаље и разноликости боја.
  • Најбоља камера ако желимо је да циљамо и пуцамо.


  • На екрану се смањује резолуција у односу на телефоне истог распона цена, а поред тога губимо 3Д Тоуцх.
  • иОС је и даље ограничен у персонализацији, такође не користи велике екране.
  • Постоји брзо учитавање, али ћете морати да платите неколико пезоса да бисте уживали у њој.

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