Friday , May 14 2021

The most toxic appearance of the Latin Grammy carpet 2018

Tonight was the 19th edition of the Latino Turntables at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The red carpet started at 7 am, east and was broadcast on Univision. Some of the stars wandered in red carpet in the foil and uncovered necklaces. The red color was playing the night on the red carpet. Many stars chose that color to show their sensual side. Thalia was one of the artists who chose a transparent black suit leaving her to discover her toned legs and buttocks. Also presenter Chikuinkura Delgado modeled a magical black-colored dress without a transparent window. Fashion designer Daniela Digiacomo also chose the black color for the parade through the red carpet.

Colombian singer J Balvin nominated most at night with 8 nominations. Then came the Spanish singer Rosalia, who with her flamenco captured the world, and tonight she was nominated in four categories. But when many of us waited to hear the name J Balvin and Rosalia over and over, it was not like that. Uruguayan Jorge Drekler won the three most important awards: Best Album, Best Picture and Best Song.

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