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The Odebrecht case ranges between cyanide, investigation, and ad hoc officials UNIVERSAL


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What began as a suspicion of $ 11 million today in the bribe is already just over 20 million. This is revealed after confirmation by the Prosecution that this amount would be a product of at least 10 fictitious contracts. Signatures cited by the Accused include Consultores Unidos Colombia, Consultores Unidos Panama, Stock Professionals, SION and TTU (Territorial and Urban Techniques).

However, the data are not as new as the Prosecution intends to see it. In the case of the first company, its lawyer, Eduardo Jose Zambrano Caicedo, is charged with crimes of conspiracy to commit crimes, money laundering and illegal wealth of individuals.

In his appearance before the judge, he accepted the charges provided for by the proceedings on 19 July 2017. This is stated in a press release from July 25 of the same year. To date, the Accused has not issued a warrant against Zambran Caicedo.

However, his name is mentioned in the process against Robert Priet, a former Santos Presidente campaign manager. During the imputation made, as well as the Brazilian scandal, the prosecutor said that he accused him, inter alia, of the crime of untruth in a private document.

The effect of this crime would have been confined to the delivery of the invoice 032 of 18 May 2016 by Zambrano Caiceda, which charges topography, geology for the hydroelectric power plant in the eastern mountainous region of Guavio. "This was never done by the company responsible for this project," added the prosecutor appointed for this process.

Also, a representative of Stock Professionals, Gustavo Adolfo Torres Forero, is responsible for the crimes of money laundering and illicit wealth. His arrest took place in July, and the Accused was informed that in August he ordered a security measure by the presumed to borrow his bank accounts for the money transactions of a Brazilian firm.


While issuing this information from the bunker, President Ivan Dukue is in favor of a corruption framework governed by an ad hoc prosecutor, or another person by the deputy prosecutor Maria Paulina Riveros, who is currently in charge of the case. investigation.

This is due to the fact that the head of the Investigating Entity declared itself astonished because in the past he defended the interests of Grupo Aval, whose emporium was part of Corficolombiana, a company that connected with Odebrecht to enter into a contract with Ruta del Sol II.

Despite this objection statement, in most of the decisions concerning this case, Martinez Neira is the one who was a spokeswoman for the media in this troublesome case.

In an ad hoc appointment, in an interview with RCN Radio, the president said that the Supreme Court of Justice is due to file a request for convocation of the shortlist for the appointment of an ad hoc plaintiff who will replace State Prosecutor Nestor Humbert Martinez, in the case of Odebrecht, following the latest scandal involving him directly .

"The Prosecutor has already stated that the person with disability and delegated the deputy prosecutor, Marie Paulina Riveros. The deputy prosecutor is also seeking an ad hoc, then as a president I am ready to act when the Supreme Court requests me to present a short list and that I can continue with the person of the highest conditions "said the president.

Duk added that the country must have certainty that what is being sought is that the truth can be achieved and that there are exceptional sanctions for those behind the scandal of the Brazilian firm.

For its part, Vice President Marta Lucia Ramirez has asked the Juan Pablo Lievano Vegalara company supervisor to conduct appropriate investigations against the Brazilian company Odebrecht and prevent her from entering the country again for 20 years.

"In the case of Odebreht, they have come to the nerve to ask the National Government about a comprehensive return agreement, arguing that if they give us some resources, then the government will commit itself to stop legal action against them," Ramirez said.

Ramirez added that they did not intend to approve this request to the Brazilian firm. He claimed that, along with Camille Gomez, director of the State Legal Agency, the government is seeking a firm to take over all legal responsibilities.

In turn, lawyer Fernando Carrillo spoke of an "ad hoc prosecution, not an ad hoc prosecutor". The theory of the head of the public ministry is the creation of a "parallel structure that has the necessary impartiality for the Colombian people to know what has happened."


The third front that has been lurking in the last hours of the case, continues with the death of engineer Jorge Enrikue Pizano, who advised Martinez Neira to speak with bribe warnings that Brazil would pay for.

After the appearance of a huge jar containing cyanide and discovered 11 days after his death in one of the bathrooms on the farm in which he lived, Director of Legal Medicine, Carlos Valdes, said the evidence was obtained from the forensic experts of the institute.

"The analyzes are biological to find out if there is genetic material that can be explained and that we can identify a person who has been in contact with the elements," explained Valdes.

On the autopsy performed on the endless body of Pizano Callejas, the official added that the samples taken from the corpse by the Forensic Doctor of the Facatativa hospital were preserved in formaldehyde.

"Although the body was burned, the tissue samples found by the professional were counted. When the Prosecution begins an investigation, it regenerates those samples and they are analyzed," he said.

As for the bottle that Alejandro, son of Jorge Enrikue Pizano, drank cyanide, it is a matter of legal medicine. Valdes discovered that he was exposed to chemical studies, whose results lie in the file.

This means that they can not be further explored on that container, such as biological analysis such as that applied to the cyanide container, since the reagents applied can alter any result that would change its conclusion.

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