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The stability of the company Hisgaura determines only the load test | Local


Only the load test can define whether the brain "Hisgaura" can remain in operation or not.

This was explained by civil engineer Alekis Vega Arguello, a structural expert and professor at the Industrial University of Santander, UIS, who pointed out that expulsion was of no significance proven.

"Cable bridges have these waves, however, they must be defined if they are within the expected limits.

Although at first glance the problems of the side carriers of the bridge look great, it can not be determined by photography, but by the designer of the work that has to broadcast the first concept, "explained Vega Arguello.

Open the investigation

Faced with this problem, which is able to prevent the stability and optimum functioning of what would be the highest bridge in South America, and following a complaint filed by Juan Camilo Beltran Dominguez, President of the Chamber of Commerce Bucaramanga, the State Prosecutor's Office opened an investigation against the extension of the Carmen Adaptation Fund Elena Arevalo Correa and Ivan Fernando Mustafa Duran for alleged irregularities in the execution of the contract 285 from 2013. The investigation also strengthens Orlando Santiago Celli, as a third-level adviser in the transport sector background; Juan Carlos Gomez Ibanez, Supervisor of Audit Contract no. 011 of 2014; German Griales Quinto, supervisor Invias and Luis Eduardo Quintero Cuellar, contract auditor 285 from 2013.

The inspection body requested the Fund for the adaptation of a copy of the contract, monitoring reports, log, contract manual, executed studies and steps taken to report breach of contract.

For its part, the Office of the General Controller of the Republic, after the Inspection of Hispane, noted that the Adaptation Fund "did not include in the appropriate contract the illumination of the bridge, when an intense stain usually occurs after 4:00 in the afternoon."

"The CGR Commission that moved to the" Hisgaura "bridge will deliver a more detailed report in the next few hours, where it could recommend that a special control of the Adaptation Fund be initiated, to confirm the state of this contract and its development and development in relation to lighting , a load test and other problems that can be identified, "said the entity of fiscal control.

Arbitration court

According to Fondo Adaptacion, the arbitration tribunal is currently developing with the contractor Sacir. Since the contract is at a post-contractual stage, the Fund has stated that the auditor must present the final report, analyze it and validate it with Invias and determine whether the bridge is received or not.

"If the certificate is not sustainable for satisfaction, administrative and legal measures against the contractor and the financial controller for the protection of public funds and the guarantee of compensation for possible damage," explained the entity.

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