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The Voice Kids 2021: The touching story of Jackson, the boy who lived on the street and now dreams of being a singer

Jackson and Andrés Cepeda in La Veu Kids 2021. Photo: Captura
Jackson and Andrés Cepeda in La Veu Kids 2021. Photo: Captura

One of the things that is always seen in realities – be it singing, acting, competition, cooking, modeling, etc. – are sad, painful stories that make viewers think. For example, in the second episode of the new installment of ‘La Veu Kids’ Jackson, a Venezuelan who goes for the eleven-year-old, struck with his life testimony, So being so small he had to face the streets at one point, although by his fortune a woman crossed his path who became his godmother to help him.

Interviewed by Laura Coin – one of the presenters of reality – Esther Molina commented that she met Jackson when the boy asked her to allow him to sing at his cell phone venue. The woman immediately fell in love with his vocal talent. The boy – who passed her in the company of his parent – began to go to the place daily.

Eventually Molina realized that the boy could not read. “I say to him: – Daddy, I will help you to be a complete person – with the permission of the father paid by a teacher, the child begins to learn to read. However, I looked at the child on the street and said, “I’d rather be in Welfare (Family).”

He later explained that in this institution they realized the connection that existed between the two. “They tell me: – the child is very capricious with you – and I told them: – Yes of course, even if he does not live with me he is part of my family and I want him as my son, but the only way staying with him is for you to give me a document so that I don’t have any problems – and they say: – Let’s have a meeting with the defender – that’s how it was “.

With his godmother, Jackson says he is very grateful. “When I was on the street (…) I would go to bed at one in the evening. Now I’m going to sleep at nine thanks to this person next to me. “

In his audition, the eleven-year-old performed ‘My living room is partying’ (by singer Pedro Fernández) and stayed in the team of Andrés Cepeda.

How were the auditions in the second chapter of La Veu Kids ?:

In its most recent chapter fans of singing reality saw the hearing of six children. The first sang the song ‘Sad record’ (by singer Antonio Aguilar) and, among the jurors, decided to choose the team of the Spanish Natalia Jiménez.

Another girl who selected as a coach the performer of ‘You and Me’ was Meva, who auditioned showing her vocal range with ‘I will always love you’ (by singer Whitney Houston).

Later, a boy named Dylan performed ‘Volver, Volver’ (a song sung by stars like Vicente Fernández). The little one went with the jury Jesús Navarro, a Mexican singer.

Finally, during the episode of this Thursday, July 22, the Colombian Andrés Cepeda was left with three children in his team. On the one hand, there is Camilo, who sang ‘As I Nobody Loved You’ (by Bon Jovi). Jackson performed ‘My living room is partying’ (by singer Pedro Fernández) and a last little one sang ‘Maria, Maria’ (several artists have performed it, including Vicente Fernández).

“I used to live on the street. The way things are, in my mind I said, ‘Someday I have to go to’ La Veu Kids’ – and that’s where I am.” expressed Jackson after seeing that Natalia Jimenez and Andres Cepeda wanted him in their respective groups.


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