Tuesday , October 26 2021

they kill a young man to steal his cell phone in an area with the Military Police


This new assassination, which is taking place in the midst of the wave of insecurity that has been shaking Bogotá for several months, took place in the town of Kennedy, one of the areas where the patrol of Military Police units began.

The military has been taking to the streets since September 15, in the town of Kennedy, especially in the sectors of Maria Pau and Pati Bonic, although this caused the crime to take its toll in other areas of the city.

However, it was precisely in Kennedy where he re-introduced this cell phone theft in which a young man was killed, in a way that is growing in the city: criminals no longer try to intimidate their victims, but shoot them without saying anything.

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As soon as the bullet attack was known, by a call from the Automated Dispatch Center, the quadrants of the Kennedy Police Station mobilized to attend to the fact, Has reported the commander of the Police of the locality of Kennedy, major Gabriel Mancera, in Snail Radio.

The official also said that the victim, who was not identified in the first instance by the authorities, she was taken to the dispensary of the Americas Portal, where she received initial assistance.

But because of the severity of the injuries, then he was taken by ambulance to the Cami de Bosa where the doctors who treated him could not do anything to save him., And finally died.

This crime took place a few hours after the mayor of the city, Claudia López, convened a judicial summit that addressed issues such as recidivism and the capture of criminals, in which it was agreed to propose strategies to enrich the bill. of citizen security that will be presented to Congress next week.

“In the course of this week we will send you to the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of the Interior proposals for this legal text that is shaping the Government,” said the mayor.

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