Thursday , August 11 2022

This is the best app you can download if you have a Samsung Galaxy S10


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Since the arrival of terminals such as Essential Phone or iPhone X, there in 2017, the panorama of mobile telephony has filled up with nights of all shapes and sizes, sliding systems and holes on the screen. The Samsung Galaxy S10, the most media terminal we have of the year, He is one of the exponents of this latest trend.

Maybe you did not dislike it excessively, but when we do not use the front camera, the hole on the screen of the Galaxy S10 It is still a piece of panel that we are not taking advantage of. However, this can change thanks to a simple application.

A new utility for the hole of the Samsung Galaxy S10

There is no doubt that the new Samsung star comes with some impressive specifications, and with original features that differentiate it from the rest. However, there is a component that could seem tremendously basic, But of what the S10 can not boast, a notification LED.

Holey LightDeveloped by the people of XDA Developers, it ends the problem. The application will help you take advantage of the rounded shadow where the front camera of the Korean device resides, using it as a notification LED.

As you can see in the video published by its creator, the circumference of the hole will illuminate to warn of any notification, It's the same if the screen is on, off, or you have the cell phone charging. However, they have not succeeded in working on the lock screen.

In any case, it is a good idea to take full advantage of one of the biggest identity signals of the new Samsung terminal. Keep it in mind, If you do not have one of the Galaxy S10 variants you will not be able to use this application.

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