Thursday , May 19 2022

Truckers announce national strike next Friday, November 23 | National


With 68 votes in favor, seven against and one empty, truck unions have said yes to a new "strike truck" from 00:00 on Friday, November 23, across the country.

According to industry leaders, there is no political will for the government to discuss issues such as high fuel costs, tolls, cargo, among other things.

According to ATC Felipe Munoz Monroi, director of the Freight Forwarding Association, although this is the worst moment to stop the transport, the bases are willing to shut down the engines after they noticed that the government was pushing them to make that decision.

"There are solutions that do not need money, but political will and they do not go ahead," said Felipe Munoz Monroi. "These problems are poorly registered vehicles that work unfairly on the market, conditions of drivers work, among others." These are willingness to commit immediate executions. " , ATC leader.

The leader added that neither the Ministry, nor the supervision of the port and transport do not undertake actions to find a solution for the sector.

"We are in such a serious situation and we go to fuel and tolls. It seems that the ministers' councils do not talk to each other and do not understand the socioeconomic situation in the transport sector," the leader said.

Carriers also demand better working conditions because they are the second cause of the death of a car accident due to exhaustion of drivers, who have long waited to load and unload goods in inappropriate places.

Given these conditions, Monroe has asked the National Government to use all the cases to avoid closing carriers that would have very serious consequences for the country's economy.

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