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Did you know that you can now move the message to write the answer? Or what it can Prioritize your contacts and give special notice to your boss? Last months, Facebook, the owner VhatsApp Priority is the development of a popular instant messaging platform. We'll show you three options you may not yet know.

1. VhatsApp stickers

Users can use popular app labels. The feature is present in chat Messenger, Stories of Instagram or chatting Telegram, is enabled for both devices Android as iOS.

To use them, you must have version 2.18.101 of VhatsApp. Click on the emoticons option (Smiley Face icon). Then, in the text box in chat, a new label option will appear in the lower part, with a label icon next to an icon that matches emoji and gifs.

By clicking on the option, you will find predefined labels. If you want to access other designs, you can search on the text + button for the + button, which will take you to take samples of the download label package.

2. Listen to audio before sending it

Another novelty is that you can record voice memos and manage them with certain movements. Yes For example, you want to record without limitations so that you do not have to constantly press the microphone button, start the audio recording and gently lift it up. The lock icon will appear and you will see that you can record without pressing. To send only, press the send key.

If you definitely regret what you are saying or while recording some background noise that you can not avoid, you can discard it before sending it by dragging the recording while holding it down to the left. There you will see a garbage icon and you can try again.

In the end, there is a simple trick Listen to your sound without erasing and without sending it right away. To do this, you must press the microphone to send the message and block the recording of the message by sliding it up. Then leave a conversation by pressing the button to return to all chat. Re-enter the conversation and you will find the play button, the second one to delete, and another to send the sound after listening.

3. Manage your contacts

Users can also customize, prioritize, and view the in-app activities they see for example with whom their contacts speak more. You can, for example, identify how many photos or audio messages are shared in conversations or group chat.

To access this feature, go to & nbsp; Settings & # 39 ;, & # 39; Data and Storage & # 39; and select an option & # 39; Storage Usage & # 39;. There you will find a list of sorted data exchanged. By choosing one, you can see how many messages, photos, or documents have been altered.

In this menu you can also customize the way the activity of each conversation will be notified in the "personalized notifications" option. Where can you change the tone, brightness, and vibration?

Other news

VhatsApp it is notified whether the message is automatically forwarded. You can also reply to a particular message by sliding it to the left. The text you return will return this message and appear as a response.

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