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What Laura Londoño thinks about Carmen Villalobos in Coffee with a woman ‘s aroma Telemundo soap operas | Colombia | Check


Since it started broadcasting the new version of “Coffee with a woman’s aroma“For Telemundo and RCN, the nights have become more interesting for viewers, who do not miss any of the episodes of the soap opera that tells the story of a coffee collector named Gavina with Sebastià Vallejo, a of the members of the most powerful families of the coffee grower.

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Laura Londoño and William Levy play the protagonists, Those who will have to overcome various obstacles to be together, the main one being the presence of the evil one Lucia Sanclemente, personage interpreted by Carmen Villalobos. This villain will be in charge of interposing himself between the love of these twin souls who belong to totally different worlds.

As a result of the great work in this remake of the protagonist of the saga “Without breasts there is no paradise”, many on the street congratulate her, although she has also won public rejection for her misdeeds. Even several consider that despite being the bad one, everyone wants her, maybe more so than the lead actress herself. Due to the good opinions that the antagonist has received, dividing the audience, we tell you what the actress who gives life to Gavina thinks about the possible ‘competition’ with her filming partner.

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"Coffee with a woman's aroma" is starring Laura Londoño and William Levy, along with Carmen Villalobos, Diego Cadavid and Mabel Moreno in the antagonistic roles (Photo: RCN Television)
“Coffee with a woman’s scent” stars Laura Londoño and William Levy, along with Carmen Villalobos, Diego Cadavid and Mabel Moreno in the antagonistic roles (Photo: RCN Television)


The actress said she is very happy with the public acceptance of the new version of the soap opera. Regarding the ‘competition’ with Carmen Villalobos in “Coffee with the scent of a woman”, Laura Londoño said that she sees nothing wrong with viewers having split in her favor to be the good and the antagonist.

“I love that this happens because then there are credible characters on each side. Having a credible villain character makes us then have a protagonist who also has weight. When we have a villain who is not strong enough, then the protagonist also did not have this strength because he is not fighting against anything (…). There are many tastes and not everyone thinks the same “, He pointed out during an interview with People in Spanish.

The Colombian also referred to the character of the villain, but from her point of view as a spectator and said that on several occasions she understands Lucía’s reaction and behavior, as she has suffered too much.

“I read the booklets and often said, ‘Oh, my God how bad Lucia is, it’s terrible, you can’t be doing this!’ and then as a spectator I see the chapters on the air and I see Lucia and I have often said myself as Laura [Londoño]: ‘Poor this Lucia, how is this pope? I understand it “, Stated the 33-year-old histrion.

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In “Cafè amb aroma de dona”, Lucía Sanclemente is the antagonist, she is the woman who stands between ‘Gavina’ and Sebastià (Photo: Carmen Villalobos / Instagram)


This remake premiered on May 10, 2021 in Colombia, while in the United States it was released on May 25, 2021, the date since the Spanish-speaking American audience has made it their own.


  • In the United States, “Woman-Scented Coffee” airs via Telemundo Monday through Friday at 10:00 p.m. (Eastern Time).


  • In Colombia, the new version of “Coffee with a Woman’s Scent” is broadcast by RCN from Monday to Friday at 8:00 pm (local time).

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"Coffee with a woman's aroma" She stars William Levy and Laura Londoño, and has Carmen Villalobos as her antagonist (Photo: RCN Televisió)
“Coffee with a woman’s aroma” It stars William Levy and Laura Londoño, and has Carmen Villalobos as its antagonist (Photo: RCN Televisió)


The actress gave an interview to ImpreMedia where he confessed that after his participation in this production he left a great learning that he discussed with everyone. “I learned to trust myself, I learned that life commands us just what we need at the time it sends us, even when many times we think we are unprepared“Londoño said.

Another of the overcoming that could concretize was to be able to sing because that to interpret to Seagull it presented him with this greatest challenge.

It’s a milestone for me in my artistic career as it opens the doors for me as a singer, it was super beautiful. I enjoyed the 1:00 ride and learned a lot. He was very aware from minute zero what it meant to represent and put on Gavina’s shoes“, Explained.

At another time she confessed that which also motivated her to play Seagull was that this is a character who is part of the culture of the Latins and the first character in Latin Colombia he was very successful.

It filled me with inspiration and I felt nervous but it was more the beautiful emotion that allowed me to move forward despite the nerves and what many people were saying, despite the expectations and despite the immense pressure that existed (…) Today, with the project on the air, seeing the reception people have given me has made me feel, what a wonder I get so big we all did. This is the importance of a team, not only are things achieved, sometimes we think so, but there are jobs like this where the team is everything“, He sentenced.

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“I learned to trust myself, I learned that life sends us just what we need at the time it sends us,” Londoño said of his character in Woman-Scented Coffee (Photo: Laura Londoño / Instagram)


“The story that captivated Latin America returns in a new version with stars William Levy on his return to Telemundo, featuring Laura Londoño as Gavina, alongside actress Carmen Villalobos. ‘Coffee with a woman’s scent’ soon by Telemundo “, A voiceover is heard on the first advance of the program.

“Woman – scented coffee“It starts when Gavina and her mother arrive at the Hacienda Casablanca to collect coffee from the second harvest of the year in the hope that it will be the last time they make this trip, because they are looking to own their own However, fate has other plans for them.

Octavio Vallejo, the owner of the hacienda, promised Gavina that he would give him a hectare of land to grow his own coffee as a reward for saving him from kidnapping, and after his death, the young woman he seeks his family to honor his word, and in this process he meets Sebastian, the son of Octavius ​​who lived abroad. Immediately, an uncontrollable attraction arises between the two, an impossible love. The two lovers belong to different worlds, but they taste the same coffee.

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