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You already have the new emojis from How are you? Find out what bitten lips really are. In recent months he has made several changes to his emoticonsBut this time he will add a controversial icon that many were claiming: the gesture of biting his lips. Do you know what it means if someone sends it to you through the app? Here we tell you.

as you know How are you has been updated on various devices around the world, so much so that it is now possible to activate photos and videos that disappear as soon as they are seen by your contacts. You also have the ability to change the playback speed of your voice or audio notes.

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But it’s not the only thing that has changed. The app belonging to Facebook is also making changes in the appearance of all its emoticons.

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By the end of the year, more than 50 new icons are expected to enter, including yellow masks, the pregnant man, also the bird’s nest, the handshake, the slider, among others. What does the emoji of bitten lips mean How are you?


While this is still happening gradually in various cell phones around the world, the bitten lip emoji or Biting lips in English are about to enter the emoticons section of How are you.

In order to really know what it means it is necessary to resort this time to Unicode, That website that is responsible for creating all the icons had and to have in the messaging app.

The lip-biting emoji are part of the new icons that will soon enter WhatsApp.  (Photo: Unicode)
The lip-biting emoji are part of the new icons that will soon enter WhatsApp. (Photo: Unicode)

According to this website he explains that the emoji of bitten lips tends to be an invitation, it even suggests attraction to another person, but it can also be interpreted as a tic that a person has when it comes to being nervous.

Emojis are also being added such as glass pouring water, jug, slide, tire, life preserver, Hamsa hand, disco ball, battery, crutch, x-ray, bubbles, ID card and the symbol of it.

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