Wednesday , March 3 2021

A clear guide to bitcoins for beginners: where to buy and where to store your first cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin (illustration photo)

Bitcoin (illustration photo) Photo: Reuters

Start small

The price of bitcoin is now around $ 34,000 (CZK 730,000) for a virtual currency. They don’t need hundreds of thousands to invest in the most common cryptocurrency. All you have to do is buy a fraction of it, for example, for $ 10 (215 CZK), investors can buy 0.0003 bitcoin.

Creditas ’chief economist Dominik Stroukal also recommends starting in small amounts. “Look for an exchange office, buy a bitcoin for a few hundred, a maximum of a thousand, send it to your wallet and try the coffee transaction, for example, if the cafes are already open,” Stroukal told Aktuálně. cz.

“It seems unnecessary, but it’s crucial, because only here will you find out if you didn’t make a mistake or even came across a scam. If everything works as it should and makes sense to you, try more,” he adds. the economist.

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