Monday , September 27 2021

Actress Sylva Žáčková died unexpectedly, she was killed by a wasp sting!

Sylva Žáčková was a disappointment, however. The wasp flew into the drink and the actress drank it. In addition, Žáčková had no idea that she was allergic to wasp stings.

“She was stabbed by a wasp, she was said to be drinking it. Sylva didn’t know she was allergic to the sting. She had a severe reaction that unfortunately didn’t survive despite the quick help,” Aha revealed! businesswoman Marta Krampolová (60), third wife of Jiří Krampolová (83).

Krampol also knew the actress. “They were Žáček’s two sisters, very pretty girls. We met in the dubbing,” recalled the actor, who had recently celebrated his birthday.

During his lifetime, Žáčková played various film roles, especially in the 1990s. Among the most famous are films such as Black Stocking, The Second Walk on Foot and The Perfect Husband.

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