Sunday , May 16 2021

Agate, really? This is what the model said about her daughter Mie.

Recently, Agáta talked about her private life in an interview for To her friend, presenter and actress Eva Decastelo (42), however, relied on the opinions she should have kept to herself. Her ex-husband Jakub Prachar was also interviewed (37) and his daughter Miu. To the question “What’s so good about Jakub?” Hanychová he replied with great sincerity, something some people could not breathe. “Look, I think talent. Of course, acting talent has it after him, because she can’t have it after me. No, unfortunately it looks like him and I hope Hanychová has come out of it.

Decastelo tried to put out the resulting fire by saying Mia was adorable. But Agatha wanted to put her statement on the right track: “It can be said to be adorable or weird. It’s always said of ugly girls that they’re weird. You know, she’s not pretty, she’s weird. So Mia is weird, but I hope she’s pretty when she’s older. “

Agáta Hanychová in the photo shoot subtitled Diet: What did she reveal about herself?

He surprised many mothers with his statements. People criticize his current recklessness, which can later have an adverse psychological impact on teenage Miu. “What she leaves through the media, this ‘wisdom’, can hurt the girl for the rest of her life. That’s how her own mother marks her.” Insensitive and stupid. Some who cannot have children would be happy to have a healthy child and take him to heaven. And he dares to say this about his daughter, even with exaggeration. There are railings you can’t pass, ”others add. It can be seen that even as a mother of two, Agatha can really provoke with her statements.

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