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Apple problem is because of an expensive app. The reason is the monopoly


Apple logo in New York (August 1, 2018)

| photo: Reuters

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The most important courts in America allowed consumers to Apple's technology company to monopolize the market for iPhone applications. Aloba has a 30 percent share that the company is developing to sell its application through the App Store.

Most of today's courts have confused enough of Apple to stop aloby. The hardest consumer is paying excessive price applications, as Apple requires that all iPhone programs be sold to the App Store. According to Aloby, the applications would be cheap if they could be sold for them, that is, the part of Apple on paper, the Wall Street Journal.

Basically, iPhones have no other way to install applications directly from the Apple App Store. Respectively, this is a jailbreak call, which is an unauthorized access bag to the phone's software. Although Android is used prima facie by Android, it is also possible to install applications from other sources. You just need to enable this option in the phone menu.

Apple shares were reduced by around 50 percent after initial use. According to Reuters, the Alujc party could claim billions of dollars as compensation. Apple could also charge the application selling fee through the App Store.

The court did not accept the Apple claim that the consumer could not relate the company to the antitrust deposit because it did not fix the price of the request, but the company. Judge Brett Kavanaugh noted that accepting this opinion would provide a monopolistic retailer with a guide on how to eliminate consumers from antitrust through the commercial relationship.

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