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Benesova: I kept the secret of negotiations with Babis in front of Zeman


The minister's adviser and, since Tuesday, the new Justice Minister, Marie Benešová, are generally considered a prolonged hands of the Head of State in the government of Babiš, given his long close relationship with the president. Nevertheless, she affirms that this time, while negotiating the commitment of the government, Miloš Zeman was not surpassed.

A woman who, at the time of Zeman's reign at the end of the century, was the supreme prosecutor and was supposed to oversee the Hands Clean event announced by Zeman, said that in his first postal interview, had hidden negotiations with Babiš.

"I had a bad conscience that I did not say it. But, unfortunately, sometimes it must appear. I did not know who the prime minister would decide on and, therefore, he did not want to scare him unnecessarily. Nice with the president, "he told Seznam shortly after Andrej Babis had brought him to the Ministry of Justice.

About the Ministry is not new to Marie Benešová, it manages it from summer 2013 to January 2014, when he was a member of the Rusnok government after the fall of the then Petr Nečas cabinet .

Being a member of the team, headed by Miloš Zeman, is a test that is close to the castle.

He now says that Zeman spent his "solo action" with Babis. "Today he congratulated me and he was fine," added the new minister, which met thousands of people to protest in the square on Monday.

They criticize Beneš for the fact that while Andrej Babiš defends him as a fight against corruption, he has represented the people who are, especially in the Bohemian region of the North, considered a symbol of corruption in politics in his # 39 career. ; lawyer

Marie Benešová recognizes her resistance to her appointment surprised her. "I can tell you that my displeasure surprised me because I entered the national villain after the Prince of Qatar," he said.

Video: Benesova fights against people who fight against corruption, according to critics

Press conference criticizing the appointment of Marie Benešová. (Video:

The circumstances in which her appointment was announced did not benefit the credibility of the adhesion of Marie Benešová. Although he talked about his talks with Andrej Babiš, the announcement that he accepted his offer unexpectedly emerged: the day after he celebrated his 71st birthday. And also the day after Andrej Babiš was accused of fraud in the case of Čapí's nest was significantly strengthened.

The police ended the investigation with a proposal of indictment and announced the following day the change to the Ministry of Justice.

Relationships with Babiš Marie Benešová are described in an interview. He says that they know each other when Babiš, the owner of the Agrofert empire, was just a "successful businessman." A closer relationship with him, according to the new minister, was only established when, after the elections of 2013, he became a member of the Social-Democratic party and the movement ANO of Babiš arrived for the first time in the House of Representatives.

By the way, Marie Benešová was one of the deputies who in the legislative period 2013-2017 did not agree that the deputy (and finance minister) Babiš was issued for a police investigation for Čapí's Nest.

Video: Babiš got upset because his selection from the Justice Minister did not like it

Babiš does not like people to have great doubts about Beneš. (Video:

In recent years, Marie Benešová's relationship with Babi's has been characterized by the words "I thought: a friend on the phone."

He allegedly consulted with the Prime Minister questions that arose in the House meeting, such as maintenance or early execution. He says he never worked for him as a lawyer.

Then, Marie Benešová declines strictly that he wants to influence his criminal case in some way based on this relationship with Babiš.

"I have never interfere with living cases. I'm surprised it's someone who's attacking, "he says in an interview several times since his government bid.

The first steps of Marie Benešová to the Ministry still do not have specific schemes. In an interview, he says he wants to know the issues of aging. According to Beneš, you have to start working on it. "I myself should have been on vacation on June 12. The first thing I do is to cancel the holidays. And I will wait for the others, "he said.

What would be the success of his second ministerial race?

"If the Prime Minister was satisfied with the passage of the Ministry," he explained his priorities.

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