Friday , May 20 2022

Captain Demo promotes new mental technologies in Zlatički – ČT24 – Czech Television


"Czech-Italian oil tycoon and multiple world champion in the lead of writing" Captain Demo in his new singer, Zlatiček, created his "greatest hit, who has been training for more than fifteen years."

In the context of propagation of positive energy and good, Captain Demo encourages all the inhabitants of our planet to be # great in a clip unique and wider. The visual record was created under the guidance of Darina Burian, wife of the artist, with scripts Giva Cross and ProGrama. The dancers are Michal Cherny and Jan Scheibal.

"This single has co-operated with the greatest stars of the seventies, revolving in Persia, the most incredible area in our chakra business. Our world is full of hatred and it's about the future and that's why I came to a new mental technology that all gold diggers working on the principle , he's in you bread, "he tells Captain Demou.

"Singl Zlatiček is also a key, valuable building block of the Youth in the Trap, which sold and sold platinum on all the markets of foreign farmers before it came out," he adds.

The young in the trap is the fourth studio album of the artist who, with his satirical work, earned his triple nomination for the Angel Award. The Rocky Club in Prague is preparing its baptism on December 5th. The concert was hopelessly sold, just like Brno's show in Merseys two days later.

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