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Comments: Fantastic Animals: Grindelvald & # 39; s Crimes (2018)


Continuation Fantastic animals is undoubtedly the most anticipated films this autumn. Magic Fiction by Jr. K. Rovling, expanding the planned five-part series from the world Harry Potter this time brings us a much darker and potentially sophisticated adventure than in the case of one carrying a wave of nostalgia and getting to know new characters. Skuel, on the other hand, promises to bring some new ones, including the central duo, from which the story will develop to a large extent, so Dumbledore and Grindelvald …

Although Grindelwald was present in the first part, he now receives full attention, as he (not) surprisingly suggests a subtitle of the film. From the very beginning, the film shows characters with a typical playfulness that we used to get used to in Rovling's habit, while captured by characters against new life challenges and reversals. There are references to a series of pots headed by Nagina, an intelligent snake giant, which we saw together with Lord Voldemort. The dash is still in the form of a beautiful Asian girl who, with a curse, changes into a snake (and when it permanently changes). It would be interesting to watch it become an ally The Lord of Evil. In addition, the trailer shows younger Albus Dumbledore with the faces of Judah Lion, Brother Scamander Brother, Lestrange Lets and many others. Of course, there is a bunch of old acquaintances who will be very interesting to choose the party for which they will endure. All in all, this happens quite a lot and I would definitely recommend a review that I will have to overlook.

Even though Fantastic animals taking into account HP's knowledge (AJ's mirror, Wire stick, Nicholas Flamel and Stone sages, the relationship between Dumbledore and Grindelwald Deathly Hallows only mildly "excavated" and so on) serves the writer and script writer to respect that he does not work in his own universe (which is officially called Wizarding World) at the expense of drama and action. The movie is fun, although it has a rather complex plan, but also sweet and funny moments that are in direct contrast with the dark (and there is a nice couple here). I guess it's pretty good that I really liked the movie. The story has gone from place to place and we play a part that will be fun to watch in the next three films. The characters are not flat and I only have them, they are just led by Tilm, which is largely played by Eddie Redmain.

Of course, I can not mention Grindelwald with the face of Johnny Depp. Because, in my opinion, this is a pretty good returning actor who slowly begins to fall into the belief of the same and nothing that says the roles. His bad guy is terrifying, fanatic and dangerous. In addition, although it has similar goals, it is completely different from brutal evil in the form of Voldemort. In Grindelwald I can imagine that charisma is a bunch of crowds, which Tom Rojvol Raddle showed in his youth. It's definitely a nice surprise (which is more in the movie and some will be especially appreciated by the fans of the previous magical series of films) and I look forward to another encounter with Grindelvald, Dumbledore and others.

The fact that Rovling is an excellent screenwriter with an incredible ability to show characters is evidence of the fact that she does not have enough. It's great, for example, a scene in which an incoming airplane asks Hogwarts to leave the classroom to listen to Albus Dumbledore. Instead of leaving the class, the children look at the questions of the professor of inquiry and do not leave until they give instructions. Little detective, but perfect enough to understand how Dumbledore is respected and popular. Such a moment has more character in the film, and I really enjoyed seeing them. A distorted network of relationships and reversals in which the film ends may eventually be too much combined, but there is no lack of necessary dynamics (which is also Yates) and simply does not carry it, it only requires the necessary attention. Of course, music is of great help, it is epic enough, and uses old familiar melodies to make a note of nostalgia (yes, I mean "return" to Hogwarts).


In the movie Fantastic animals: Grindelwald's crimes In essence, I only have two major criticisms, one of which is sufficient to not give more than the previous one. The first and less significant (and perhaps only my mistakenly understood chronology) is the strange continuity of the scene when between the ground floor takes a fairly long period and only a few seconds in the next figure. There are also several side branches that do not work anywhere (one of the characters is weak, because it has a parasite – why and which scene, followed by treatment, is so completely misunderstood and suggests that the director of Iates may have the Rovling Scenario is a bit more " crossed "to avoid similar blind streets). But the second and greatest complaint lies in uncovering who really is, which is the center of the confrontation of two camps – as in the first part. Because it is a great discovery for which the whole film is directed, and because of the great Rovling's backlinks in the history of the magical world. Who, like someone who read books a little, seems to me a bit more in terms of Grindelwald, but on the other hand, I still wonder how this will develop. We have three more films before us …

Fantastic beasts: Grindelwald's crimes
United Kingdom / USA, 2018, 134 minutes
Adventure / Family / Fantasy
Direction: David Iates
Script: J. K. Rovling
Playing: Eddie Redmaine, Katherine Vaterston, Dan Fogler, Johnny Depp, Jude Lav, Alison Sudol, Ezra Miller, Zoe Kravitz, Claudia Kim, and others

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