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Czechs after the triumph: Zeman and Babys congratulated. Where are the Czech stars on vacation?


The Czech team managed to win the American weekend with 3: 0 for the matches, and the team competition took the sixth place for the sixth time. The final traditional ritual of the photo was taken on the wires. On Novotna luka, tourists were surprised that they went to the titles won at the O2 arena in 2012 and 2014, only in 2015 they started to the Hradecka Square, where great Rolls-Royce cars were brought.

In the evening, after the finals, they started celebrating in the wardrobe, then moved to the Katr restaurant and then to Tretter's bar. "The place was traditional, and it was nice again, I enjoyed the girls while they celebrated, and I'm looking forward to seeing the girls enjoying their celebrations and are happy, have parents, friends and friends around me," Pala said.

Czech tennis player Katerina Siniakova on Novotny Hill in Prague with a cup for the winners of the federal cup

Roman Vondrouš

The star was Heroin Siniak

She was the author of the two last points of Siniak. Twenty-year-old was the first to celebrate Fedcup Laurel. "It was great, I'm glad I could be part of such a great team, it was unusual," Siniak said. She managed to resist the enthusiasm of her convenors. "We wanted to include Katka in our little evening, but it did not work, it was solid," she laughed sternly.

For an emotional whole week, he was only twenty-three years old uncle who forgave his career. "I saw people around me that I would meet, but I will not have such a celebration," she said, adding the party: "It was good, we danced, but we did not make it to late in the morning," she said.

Petr Kvitov at the Novotny souvenir in Prague with his colleagues (on the left) Barbora Krejcikova, Barbora Stricova, Katerina Siniakova, Luci Safarova, captain of the Petr Pala team and cup for the winning team at the Fed Cup.

Roman Vondrouš

Kvitova: They are the most restrained after Germany

The only Quit is yet to celebrate all the festivals in honor of the triumph of the Fed Cup. "It was probably the coldest with Germany," she recalled in 2014. "But this was good, and we had a table with dumplings and cabbage, tartars and blankets in Kato. We are champions, of course, our favorite Steamer."

Due to the unpleasant program after the final game, they still could not go through all the congratulations. "I'm sorry I did not win everything because it was too much, I really appreciate it," Siniak said.

Barbora Stricka kissed the winner of the Fed Cup in the Novotny lavka in Prague. eleven in history.

Roman Vondrouš

Congratulations to Zeman and Babys

According to the spokesperson, the players congratulated the President of the Republic, Miloš Zeman, Prime Minister Andri Babić, legendary Ivan Lendl, Jan Jelezny, Tomaš Berdić and Radek Štepanek on social networks.

Now players have two weeks. Siniak is moving with a friend in the heat to Mauritius. "I want to relax at the beginning, I think I deserve it," said Siniak, who is with Krejcik, the world leader in the double duel.

Uncle went to Austria to the spa and walked through the snow and snowboarding of the Solden glacier. Quit, on the other hand, decided not to travel anywhere and solve the problem with her teeth.

"I have inflammation of gingival inflammation and I need it, but I can not, but it can break through every moment, as Professor Colar said, it can be trouble, I hope to get rid of the disease," she said.

With six titles, the most successful Fed Cup captain Pala returns to work and plans training. "I missed in the past, so I have to do something," said Pala, who has a center with Pavel Vazner in Prague, and also works in Pruhonice. But the prize is waiting for him, only Visner received a call at the end of the championship tournament.

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