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FaceApp is a new mobile success. Artificial Intelligence makes you grandmother or grandfather:


In social networks, in recent days, generalized portraits of elderly people have been circulating with wrinkles and gray hair where the characteristics of your friends are recognized. It is your application FaceApp, which is definitely not new: the developers introduced it two years ago, and since then tens of millions of people have downloaded it.

The Artificial Intelligence (IA) of the application can literally do wonders with the photographed face. In a credible way, change hairstyle, eye color, makeup as a Hollywood star or show what your twin sister might look like. But the most popular effect is now called "travel in time," which adds wrinkles, lower circles, and will stop you for decades.

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Sample application for iOS

People seem very sophisticated, the AI ​​works with skin aging, changing the shape of the eyelids, imitating wrinkles and many other details. The only thing that can not accurately predict is the growth of hair in the fold of the knights, so that the grandfathers of gray-haired men, who most will appreciate for old age, be it mud.

Question mark on the security of the data

FaceApp has Russian origins and raises security questions with experts. For example, artificial intelligence does not save the images directly turned to the smartphone, but it is first processed on a remote server. There is a suspicion that the application does not collect the faces of people around the world, it does not assign names to them and does not create such a large database. Otherwise, it's fun with it.

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As you have seen the list of reports from the Portal Editor Filip Horký, the application indicates in your terms that your face can be remodeled and published anyway

You can download FaceApp for free for Android and iOS. Now there are 21 free filters available in basic mode and the Pro Pro version includes seven additional effects. You can try all the effects for free during the three-day trial period.

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