Sunday , December 5 2021

FACR is newly prosecuted for corruption. Pelta had to pay the deputy an apartment


The police extended the processing of the Czech Football Federation and its former president Miroslav Pelte in the case of sport subsidies for corruption. Czech Television (CT) today said.

Pelta says he has not done anything illegal. For the time being, Pelta and other people and organizations have been prosecuted for misusing power, negotiating the advantages of awarding a public contract or violating the obligation to manage foreign assets in the event of allegedly manipulating subsidies.

"In this criminal case, prosecution has been extended against one natural person and against one legal entity for the criminal offense of bribery," said CT Lenka Bradačova, Chief Prosecutor. Pelta allegedly bribed former Deputy Education Minister Simona Kratochvilova, who, according to Czech television, had, among other things, an apartment in the center of Prague. Kratochville is also running in the case. According to the police, Pelta consulted on the distribution of subsidies.

"As I said at the beginning, today and today I say that I have not done anything illegal," CT CTK said. According to his lawyer, Oldrich Chudobi, this is a purposeful extension of the allegations, which should only support previous doubts. "Without a doubt, Mr. Pelta will comment on these issues and suspend doubts," he said.

The case, according to Czech television, is expanding due to the extension of the fee. Initially, detectives wanted to close it at the end of October, but now they are planning to hear Pelte's new indictment. Early next year, prosecutors will decide whether to bring the case to court.

The case relates to alleged manipulations in the distribution of money from the Ministry of Education's subsidy program to the activities of sports organizations. Police officers, in addition to the Football Association, Pelti and Kratochvil, were also led by former Foreign Minister Zdenek Briz, Czech Union of Sports, Miroslav Janst, Union Union and Jan Bohač, Union Secretary General.

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