Thursday , August 11 2022

Fighting for breastfeeding in public! The lawyer revealed who was right


Mrs. Lucie's decision to feed her one-year-old daughter in the middle of Raiffeisenbank's branch has thrown a big issue in the Czech Republic. Because the security guard presented the mother feeding. Finally, the bank apologized for the situation. The company, but, according to his words, will provide a suitable place.

"In most Western countries, breastfeeding is publicly accepted to the public and is not considered a problem," said lawyer Ales Rozehnal. "In the Federal Republic of Germany, the admissibility of breastfeeding to the public derives from the provisions of the Constitution, which relate approximately to the provisions of the Czech Charter of fundamental rights and freedoms," he added.

Even breastfeeding in public is not questioned in Africa. Otherwise, it is in Saudi Arabia. The law prohibits it.

But the bank's security was illegal. "As a result of its behavior, the client received a lower level of services, which is a discriminatory act," the lawyer explained. At the same time, he adds that the behavior was also morally inadmissible.

"When it was decided whether to prioritize the care of a small child or the somewhat hypocritical comfort of the spectators, he preferred the comfort of his male guests," says Ales Rozehnal. The guards also argue that the behavior of the nursing mother disturbed some of the men present at the bank.

According to the lawyer, it is also discriminatory to force the mother to demand a suitable place for breastfeeding. "A suitable place for breastfeeding is a place that the mother considers appropriate," he adds.

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