Friday , February 26 2021

Filip Sajler and Ondřej Slanina: The boys in action experienced an impressive change

Filip Sajler leaves the popular culinary show Boys in Action after a long fifteen years, so the duo disbanded, which Sajler formed together with Ondřej Slanina. The boys literally aged in front of the spectators and compared their appearance from the beginning of their career and today is an impressive change.

For fifteen years, they performed together in the show Boys in Action, where they prepared various dishes for viewers of Czech television. From the beginning of their career, they built a decent fan base, watching their magic in the kitchen with pleasure. But now everything will be different. Filip Sajler decided to leave the successful program.

Family reasons

Although he loves to cook and is sure to be very close to him forever, Filip Sajler decided to give up his well-deserved place in a popular culinary show. According to the eXtra website, he wants to focus primarily on his family. Chefs and the public poetically shared the novelty in a special Valentine’s Day play to demonstrate the breakup of a functioning couple.

Filip’s partner and partner, Ondřej Slanina, fully respects his decision. The couple became great friends during the show, so Filip will continue to appear as a guest on some episodes. Ondra Koráb and Josef Maršálek will also appear among others who cook with Ondra.

Memories remain

When the Boys in Action project began in 2005, no one seemed to know how successful it would be. During the fifteen years of broadcast, the main actors experimented very closely together and Filip Sajler revealed what he would like to remember.

“Ondra and I are and will always be friends, that doesn’t change. The guys at the event were an amazing project from the start, it was always a joy and there are so many memories and experiences. I probably like remembering the casting, the trips and the first part.I played it recently and I highly recommend it when you are afraid to fly.The whole team has given a lot over the years, and even here I feel it was not easy to decide and leave, but I personally feel this is the right time, ”Sajler said.

At the beginning of filming, Ondra Slanin was 21 years old and Filip Sajler was 26. During the long fifteen years of broadcast, viewers witnessed the maturity of the boys. By comparing its beginnings and current parts, you can see a real change.

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