Wednesday , March 3 2021

How the PSE can change: for culture and sports in four, but only with one test

So far, in the fourth stage of the PES anti-epidemic system, galleries of sporting and cultural events are closed to spectators. But that could change. The server received a new draft table of measures related to PES system readiness levels, which the government is expected to address on Friday.

In the fourth stage, sports stadiums, theaters or cinemas should open recently, but these places could only be occupied by 20 per cent. In addition, as long as the event is attended by a maximum of 300 seated spectators and each of them has a negative antigen test or PCR.

Therefore, the Ministry of Health asked about the list of reports if this proposal was really in place.

“Expect the official publication (and therefore the final table of the PSE) of the Ministry of Health, which will take place this week,” said ministry spokeswoman Barbora Peterová.

Level 4: Rules for holding sporting, cultural and educational events and conferences

Organizational measures, two-meter spacing in common areas, respiratory protection equipment, 20% capacity, maximum 300 people seated, antigen test / negative PCR <48 hours, visitor registration, ticket order system , without the spectators singing.

The main change that the server points out, however, is the new parameter according to which decisions must be made when reducing or increasing the level of readiness. It is determined by the indicator of the approximate load of the health system, which is supervised by the Institute of Health Information and Statistics.

If the new PSE came into force, the Czech Republic would reach the fourth degree only if the number of hospitalized with covid-19 falls below 3000 and the number of people in the ICU below 300. The reduction of each additional degree it requires a thousand or a hundred fewer patients.

Currently, 6,608 are hospitalized in the hospital, less than 3,000 were hospitalized on October 14th.

Recently, it would also not be necessary to remain in an emergency during the first two alert levels. In the third stage, it also changes the number of people you can meet. According to the current scoreboard, there are 50 people outdoors and 10 indoors, 30 outdoors and 12 indoors.

The measures for amateur athletes could also be relaxed. The new table allows you to open a covered sports field for up to two people. Third stage restaurants could be open until 11pm, so far only valid until 10pm.

On the contrary, according to the new table, the measures for schools or businesses remain unchanged.

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