Thursday , May 19 2022

In good weather, definitely forget it. Czech Republic awaits a cold Sunday with snow –


"From well above average temperatures we reached significantly below average," Hons said, and temperatures stood at 4.5 degrees below the long-term average. Cold air from the northwest can be.

It was snowing from Sunday. Only Sunday was registered as the day when snow began to fall in the Czech Republic or as a day when it snowed throughout the country at all heights. Last year it was already on the 6th of October, but maybe it was in December 2011 on December 11th.

On Monday crops will stop only during the afternoon. Afternoon temperatures will be between 0 and 4 degrees Celsius. Evening and night are in danger of ice.

On Tuesday the temperature will be similar, in the morning 0 to -4 degrees Celsius, afternoon 0 to 4 degrees. It will be covered and should be snow again. The collision will be more frequent than on Monday, in the lowlands the rain should fall with snow. Freezing of rain, ice and ice can occur.

Wednesday will be cloudy to cloudy, snow only in the mountains, in the morning between 0 and -4 degrees Celsius, afternoon 1 to 5 degrees.

On Thursday it will be cloudy again. In the mountains it should snow, with rain in the lowlands. Morning temperatures will range from 1 to 3 degrees Celsius, in the afternoon of between 1 and 5 degrees.

Friday it should be covered with low reversed clouds and fog. Especially in the morning there will be freezing, and there will be icebergs. Temperatures will be between 1 and -3 degrees in the morning, between 1 and 5 degrees in the afternoon.

That should be the case the weekend – cloudy with a little translucent cloudiness and fog, rarely cloudy. Temperature in the morning between 0 and -4 degrees, afternoon 0 to 4 degrees Celsius. When the cloud breaks, it can be up to 5 degrees.

According to Hons, the beginning of the week will be the coolest in November, and should also be the strongest.

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