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In the village of Ostravice in Beskid, people give up a bear

In the village of Ostravice on the Beskid mountains

In the village of Ostravice on the Beskid Mountains, the guest greeted the beef. / Photo Illustrator

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In the village of Ostravice on the Beskid Mountains, the guest greeted the beef. The village warned on its website. According to Milan Orlk of the Association of East European Prologues (SOP), he is ill at the mercy of the witness. However, it is not enough to call the visitors in the last few times in the Vsetnisk. In the Beskid Mountains, according to the prints, two are interlaced, Orlek said.

"We are aware of the inhabitants of the village of Ostravice, and on the 15th of November 2018 around 8:00 there was a border between the village of Ostravica and the old visible interim days of citizens who were concerned about their personal safety," said the deputy Ostravica in the village. Initially, according to information, there was a general radio.

Mayor Pavne Stankaiov added that a guest guest in the village of Eladn invited visitors to the forest. "The hotel staff was informed, as many as 15 photographers, so we were informed of the notification.

According to Milan Orlko of SOP, the importance of testimony is very important. "Under the influence of information from the city there are people who can see anywhere in the forest," he said. But, according to her, it is not forbidden to bear from Valaskia and the Moravian-Silesian Beskids. However, he invites me to the species, his traces of pimples floating. "In addition to a young man from Vsetnska, who is young and probably not a true horseman, one of the hunters is moving in the hills, and his tracks are somewhat irrelevant, probably he is an elma and a star," he said.

Young people, perhaps around a small bear, are located in the Valask region, ranging from. In the opinion of experts, this species is atypical, walking in the vicinity of human dwellings and shyness. In the district he killed several sheep, goats, cocks and thighs and destroyed several pounds. The guys and the hunters hoped to catch them in the cage they installed in Vsetnisk. The two governors of the county Zlin Ji unek (KDU-SL) spoke about a deputy. There was a bag, the bear was caught in a trap, where it might have been in the Base Rescue Station operated by the Zoological Garden in Hluboki nad Vltavou. The call was called by the Zoo in Belgium.


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