Wednesday , March 3 2021

It was an offside, so no! Very strange, but I saw in the video that it was fine, the executioner Zbrojovka Chytil rejoiced

Ludek Perina, ČTK

What was the feeling of the shooter who decided the duel in the 92nd minute, in which there were no chances until then?

Great. This is exactly what we needed to manage the match. It was more of a fight, especially in the middle of the field. Kicks prevailed, we lost aerial battles with their caps, they lost with ours. It wasn’t a nice football for people. Luckily, though, he sided with us and I was lucky to be able to be there.

Weren’t you afraid of being out of the game?

At first I thought I wasn’t there. When the border raised the flag, I thought, well, I guess it was there. It was so weird. First yes, then no again. I’ve already seen it in the video, a friend sent it to my cell phone, so luckily it wasn’t really an offside.

Hans hit the surroundings, Chytil decided

It was probably a good thing Pablo González, who also came across Roman Hubník’s pass, left the ball? His position was at the limit …

In his case, it was controversial. So I called him, and then I remembered how he had been with Sparta when I unsuccessfully tried a hopeful heel position. That’s when he called me and I did a terrible stupid thing. Now I said to myself, no more, I preferred to play it myself and luckily I did it right.

The situation with a long balloon, after which the goal was scored, do you probably see a lot in training?

Yeah yeah. Especially in the position of director, but I live. This time it changed, Roman Hubník expanded it wonderfully and then it was a question of whether he would change it. Luckily, it worked, even though it was a short distance from the bar.

On the left, Pablo González from Olomouc, Jakub Šural from Brno, Martin Šustr from Brno and Pavel Dreksa from Brno.

Ludek Perina, ČTK

But did the Brno trackers not allow many such events during the match?

Is it like that. The match didn’t go my way in that direction. I didn’t win many fights with them. In the second half he was fed up. But then Roman entered the field as a substitute player, an action was successful and the match was decided. It would seem like something to me if I was in a situation like that instead of him.

What does this victory mean to you? Is this the first step to be able to attack the European Cup?

Clearly. We want to be as high as possible and win every game. And that was extremely difficult. We could easily have scored a goal from a similar action. However, we have succeeded and we are happy. We already had a lot of these draws. In the end we scored a goal several times. I hope today’s victory helps us and next time we will get better than now with a goal in the 92nd minute.

Vrba celebrated its 250th match in the Czech league with a quiet victory in Letná

Are you sure you can breathe better in the cabin now?

We told ourselves we had to win the home duels with Brno and Zlín. We did the first one, and that’s important. Also because it was a classic draw. This is what we need to learn to win. But I wouldn’t talk directly about cool. We have to confirm three points with Brno. Then maybe.

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