Saturday , August 20 2022

It's bad on the front. Maybe the new coach will lift us up, hoping for the Slovakian Kalabiška


A week ago in Pribram as a substitute player helped 3-0 win over three points but against Liberec, but Jan Kalabiska's wing, as well as the rest of the team, failed.

An experienced 31-year-old midfielder believes that Slovakia's players are defeated on Saturday on Monday, when the Mole Cup was eaten under the program.

"This is another competition, probably another set." He will be the new coach who will give the team a new impulse. The match will be diametrically different from that in the league, "says Sokola Libis.

Former player Pribram, Karvin or Senica did not solve the series, he was more interested in the place in the match. This time he did not want to play a lottery player from Uherska Hradištica because he had to leave. "I did not care who we were getting, but the trip is not pleasant," says Kalabiska.

In addition, the Slovakians can not go long against Liberec. Northern Czech Republic was defeated only three times in history. In the last five years. "An unfavorable balance will have to break through. Maybe we will make progress," the superior midfielder or defense attorney hoped.

Moravians need to concentrate better on the match and avoid unnecessary defects in the defense. "Even now, we got an objective from a standard situation that was not even dangerous. Everyone knows that the balloon will go either right or go in defense, and yet we do not look at it," the Calabash head shaved.

Slovakia could not answer the head of the penguin Nesickeho, 0: 1 was home, and FORTUNA: LEAGUE remained fourteenth. Good mood after winning Pribram was joking again.

Anyone expecting a quick improvement must be disappointed. Moravians continue to suffer from the game. "We did not play well in Pribram," recalls Kalabiska. "Maybe in the second half he had some parameters and we had some goals, but that was not a game, we are not always." We always get the first goal and shake. We have a lot of losses, "he adds.

It's just a cheap goal that the young team is reducing. "I believe that if we give the first goal, it will fall from us as in Pribram," said Kalabiska.
The Slovaks can not do it. The spring successful campaign has long been forgotten. In the autumn, sadness and mood of the mood returned to the stadiums of the Miroslav Valenti stadium. The team does not score and loses points. "We are not brave and empathetic at the age of sixteen. That's bad on the front," says Kalabiska.

Moravian healing comes from coach Jihlava Martin Svedik, who replaces temporary coach Peter Vlachovsky. Under his command, the team in four matches won only three points. "The coach has thanked us, they believe that he is turning in. We are not the worst in this game. Unfortunately, the losses are being loaded," exclaimed Kalabiska. The new coach spent some time in Mlada Boleslav. Then he went to Karvin. That's how the Witness will meet again in Slovakia. "He was good at me, a human being. Even training was good," says an experienced footballer.

He is happy to work with a well-known expert. "They'll pick us up," he wants. For Uherske Hradiste they first saw a match with Liberec. "He is very interested in tactics. Maybe we will drink it and we will not get cheap goals and that the upcoming upgrade will come," Kalabiska hopes.

According to him, the whole Uherske Hradiště can also enjoy a representative break. "Maybe we will get coaching with the coach and we will have more time to start our game and explain what we want to do," he adds.

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