Sunday , May 16 2021

Jasmine Ritmus is still growing with optimism: But now she admits she is struggling with a serious illness! –

Rhythm fiance Ritmus, Jasmina Alagich, especially loves her fans because of her immediacy and positive attitude towards life. the constantly smiling moderator took part in the latest dress of the Slovak face she enjoyed. But it was not all about it.

It is fighting the disease that many young people can hurt today. She did not want to talk to her at the beginning, but ultimately said that it could help other people to understand what their symptoms are and what kind of illness it is.

I suffer tetanus. I did not want to say anything about it because I do not like the spread of panic. The only person who knew the Faca team was Dancing Coach Monica, "Jasmine admitted to Sharma's weekly during the show, managing her performance until the performance of Britney Spears.

"Britney demanded a dance scene, I had a problem in the tone of choreography in the sneakers, and when I tried to try out the boots I needed before the camera, it did not work. I was out of balance, the tiredness in it, in addition, the same day I met my snake, "says Jasmin at training today.

To satisfy demanding dance performance, plus a 40-mile plate on your shoulders, when you can catch fainting and burning, you need a lot of self-confidence. Still, Jasmin managed.

The illness was manifested in the first months of the year. it started with lean hands and feet. Morning fever that is attributed to low pressure. What troubled her, she finally found out thanks to her mother. "I was stupid, I went to Vienna with my mother and I got a tetanus shock on the highway, I would be weak, I imagined driving on the highway and suddenly caught you," says Jasmin. "If my mother was not with me, I may have ignored her," she admits.

The moderator sometimes did not even manage the Bratislava-Pezinok route and she had to drive it. It happened several times that she could not even walk, and the environment had to support her. They now have to take the necessary vitamins and have a regular sleep and food regime so that the disease does not limit the disease.

"Tattooing is a syndrome most commonly caused by an extremely low level of calcium in the blood and involuntary muscle contractions, a set of disorders that are associated with increased neuromuscular irritation or a reduced threshold of irritation of the peripheral and central nervous systems, cramps, an unpleasant eyebrow, , itching or burning of the skin without lasting effects, and tonic cramps in hectares of the upper, lateral and lower limbs that can spread to the face or generalize. The attack is followed by anxiety and nausea, heart beat and lasting somebody minutes or hours can not be a consciousness disorder, but sometimes psychosomatic problems occur, "says

In the above video you can remember Jasmina Alagic in the Superstar 2018 that moderated.

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