Tuesday , September 27 2022

Jugas doubts that the return to the basic Slavia will be very difficult


"It will be very difficult, I think the chance is no longer bigger, but I intend to get this autumn season, and then spring, of course, not in the sport," he told reporters Jugas.

Last season was one of the main pillars in Slavia, but just before the beginning of this year, he suffered a muscle cracks. "The diagnosis was not correct at the beginning, then she agreed, when you know a valid verdict that it will be eight weeks, you will do it, worst watching games only from the stand, when I can not influence them, I can only cheer. "said Jugas.

"It was a very difficult break since it was probably the biggest injury in my career, I expected that return would be easier, but unfortunately it's been a while, but I hope to get there as soon as possible," Jugas said.

It's alright. "It can be said that the injury has disappeared for a long time, I trained for some time, but this is a sharp sword, it's not easy to jump in the train, but I think that's not bad, they continued," Jugas said.

He was nervous after a long break. "Given that it is about respecting the match with another league, it was easier than jumping into a tough match in the league," Jugas said.

His goal was 22 minutes after Jan Sykora and Josef Husbauer scored in 22 minutes Michal Fridrich added a third goal in the 68th minute.

"I think the other half could be better, some of them did not play at all, which is a shame because we really need to score goals, fans come and want to see something," Jugas said.

"But the players played well, and in such a stadium with such a rival, everyone will be thrown, they had some chances, they could score more goals, and I think they are good and thank you for the game," Jugas added.

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