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LIVE: Czech Republic – Slovakia 1: 0. Run after Schick's parade


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    He was late to Schick and hit Achilles. He can be very happy that he only has a yellow card.

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    A moment later, Dočkal fired Dukkal, and the fingers of Dubravka fingers thrown into the corner.

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    Another great chance for the Czech team. After kicking from the corner, he reached Souček, who started straight from the lime.

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    There was not much to miss and could be 2: 0. Pavelka tried half-summoned sixteen and fired on the first goal. Dubravka could stay calm. The ball has passed away.

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    GOOOL !!! Czechs become leading after the failure of the Slovaks. PATRIK SCHICK has successfully achieved further achievements. After passing from Jankt, he calmed down and dabbed Dubravko on the border of the large zone of the penalty area.

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    Excellent idea of ​​Souce, worse execution. The passage between the beams was too fast and Novak could not react. The game is slowly improving.

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    On the other hand, the Dockal was centered, and the Czech captain found Souchkov's head, but he did not finish with him, just as he did before the piece Zrelak.

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    Another warning from the eastern neighbors. The strike attempted to call, but did not score a goal from a difficult position.

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    The Slovakians have full control over the match, and the Czechs, with the effort of all forces, get the ball from the bar of the penalty area.

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    Pekarik was in the center of Hammika, which extended the long shot of Vacka, who made the ball above the goalkeeper.

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    Kalas's hesitation had to shut down Pavelka, who retreated to the ground and saw yellow karaoke.

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    Hamshik got a little space and used it for missiles. He set off in the middle of the gate, where Vaclik was ready.

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    Schick received a penalty in the penalty area, but the ball hit the bar, which was incredible.

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    More players expect from the Slovakians who have to play and if they want to stay in the league, then they will win.

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    Both teams had their startups that ended in an imprecise passage on the opponent's legs.

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    The game just started.

  • The match in Eden to maintain the second league league league starts at 20:45.


    Czech Republic: Vaclik – Kaderabek, Kalas, Čelustka, Novak – Souček, Pavelka – Vidra, Dočkal, Jankto – Schick.

    Slovakia: Dubravka – Pekarik, Škrtel, Škriniar, Hancko – Gregus – Rusnak, Bero, Hamsik, Stoch – Zrelak.

  • Not only the same result, but also the exchange of trainers during the fall, have frequent Choke and Slovaks. Jaroslav Šilhavy replaced Karl Jarol on the Czech bench, under whose leadership the national team succeeded in Slovakia. On the other hand, Pavel Hapal, who previously worked in Sparta and in the Slovakian twenty-one, came back in October.

  • Both teams played three matches in Division B of the newly formed League of Nations. Both the Czech Republic and Slovakia have one victory and two defeats. But the Czechs are better off before the last match of the group, when they won on the basis of their current rivals. In order to maintain their belonging to the B division, they have a draw in their home environment.

  • Good evening, we welcome you in a report that will map the course of the football league league game between teams Czech Republic and Slovakia. Match at 20.45.

Photo: CTK , Czarek Sokolovski

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