Thursday , August 11 2022

Meghan's pregnant woman in fear and tears: a huge fire in California hit! –


For several days, the United States of America suffered from the destruction of fires that had already destroyed all the cities. Fire houses, streets, cars and people looking into the ruin of their family … Such a terrible look is now in the fairy-tale zone.

Although it seems that the region of thousands of kilometers can not be mixed, for example, with the British royal family, the opposite is true. Among the cities devastated by huge fires are Voodlands Hills, home of Meghanin's house.

According to Daili Mail, the fire was less than a mile from the house where Meghan grew up and spent his childhood. Approximately 2,000 inhabitants were evacuated from here, and Meghan prayed that old memories, friends and friends would not burn ashes … Fire still does not manage to be under control.

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