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Mime Jaroslav Cejka (83)! Mr. Hen is very bad!


Mime Jaroslav Čejka (83) became famous mainly as Mr. Hen, but also imitated American singer Tina Turnerová. He enjoyed most of his life with a multitude of spectators. But the last years of his life are not so happy!

Dance and Mime Jaroslav Cejka celebrated their 83th birthday on Monday. Because of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, however, he lives in a retirement home and, unfortunately, his health is so serious that he does not even realize what's happening around him.

The artist, who received the Thalia prize for lifelong dance and the ballet championship in 2007, quickly communicated with his surroundings. Today, however, its condition is much worse! He hardly speaks nor communicates with a gesture of voice!

According to her friend Olda Baus, she is ten to five years old. "He always points out the head, I followed him on Saturday and did not get any word out there. Change there as time. The last time I saw him, it looked like a corpse," explains Olda to Aha!

Although the dancer could read and see what happened around her a few months ago, she was going to go down now. It looks mainly at the ceiling. Home staff, however, says that it does not hurt anything.

"You know, unfortunately, that you knew about two diseases, which are probably the worst of old age – Alzheimer's and Parkinson's," she complained, Olej's old friend, Olda, who is just one of her friends who visit her today.

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