Wednesday , March 3 2021

Not just cough or fever. Covid may be accompanied by very special symptoms.

Reports that covid-19 may present with truly strange problems, sometimes psychological or psychiatric, have led the UK to establish a national CoroNerve follow-up program to gather information on the neurological complications associated with covid-19.

For example, the Daily Mail recalls a strange case from Strasbourg, France, where a 33-year-old woman ended up in hospital after running naked in the basement and hearing voices. He had never suffered from mental illness and his heart rate or blood pressure was normal. But she spoke incomprehensibly and was convinced that she had not been taken to the hospital, but to the castle.

Doctors later discovered that the covid was positive, although it did not show any of the usual symptoms. They described that in his case, the virus attacked the central nervous system and caused “multiple neurological and psychiatric consequences.”

CoroNerve already has hundreds of similar cases where the disease affects the psyche instead of the infected body. And all indications are that speech disorders may be one of the first manifestations of the disease, although these symptoms are relatively rare.

Doctors also described the case of a woman who had such a strong stutter during the night that she could not utter a single word. And it stayed that way for more than a week after the positive covid test. Even in this case, doctors believe the virus has attacked the patient’s nervous system.

For the 62-year-old man from the northern United States, he only showed hiccups for a few days to change the covid-19. Only subsequent examination revealed lung damage typical of the infection. The hiccups decreased even later, only when the virus began to come out of the human body. In his case, he attacked the diaphragm.

Other expert reports talk about other strange symptoms, such as sudden hair loss, ringing in the ears, double vision or even urination problems. All this may indicate the appearance of covid-19.

A variety of symptoms can be affected by the fact that the ACE2 receptor, through which the coronavirus penetrates the body, is found in several cells. “We don’t know much about this virus yet, but we do know that ACE2 is found in many types of tissues. And autopsies have shown us that the virus can penetrate many places (in the body),” said virologist Stephen Griffin of the University of Leeds.

According to virologist John Oxford of Queen Mary University in London, other viruses may be similar to several, but we know these rare symptoms of covid-19 simply because the coronavirus is widespread and affects a large number of people.

Coronavirus may also work differently in pediatric patients. More information in the report:

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