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Pavel Trávníček about the Czech actors: think …


Actor Pavel Trávníček spoke honestly of the reputation of actors among ordinary people. He has very negative experiences with the treatment of ordinary citizenship, sometimes of his friends.

Pavel Trávníček plays the role of one of the most popular fairy tale princes in his biography, but says that although actors think they are popular and everyone loves them, it is not always the case.

"The actors derail when they offend their mirror or scratch their car. Not everyone likes us, "Express said, and his wife, Monika, added that, in the case of his car, he was practically every day.

Trávníček himself said he had discovered one of these vandals directly in the act. Unfortunately, it was not a very pleasant meeting, as it turned out to be his good friend.

"That's the way. The man thinks of something and is someone you know. I did not tell him that he knew. I just told him that he knew something he did not know he knew. He stopped and we did not go. talk, "recalled the actor.

He said he was no longer his best friend with vandalism, but Trávníček did not want to get divorced from the story. Why and why his friend decided to take revenge this way, he did not explain.

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