Tuesday , May 18 2021

Pirate Zdenek Hrib is mayor of Prague, opposition did not support him – CT24 – Czech television

"I believe that a new style of communication with the opposition and citizens will be established," the newly elected mayor of Hrib said. He added that he plans to include representatives of IT and the opposition on the job. Apart from the duties of the Mayor, Hreb wants to focus on IT and strives to significantly reduce the cost of information systems in the city. Another important issue for the Mayor is the question of the smart city, the "smart" city management using modern technology.

Deputy DA and former finance minister Ivan Pillin unsuccessfully proposed that city leaders vote in secret ballot. ODS representatives subsequently voted against Hreben's election, the IES abstained.

He hastened to the mayor's nomination

The IO motion proposed the post of mayor Jiri Pospisil (TOP 09 / United Force). According to Patrick Nacher, the head of the ANO Club, President 09 and a member of the TOP 09 group have done a better job than Hibba, who opposes political inexperience. However, he did not accept the nomination. He and Prague's leader Jan Čižinsky will not even be in the city council. Both will be the presiding embassy of their parties and movements.

Speaking in response, he said that instead of leaving the Council, they would rather leave people with expertise and be politically responsible for co-chairs of embassy clubs. After the election, they showed interest in becoming the head of Prague, but now they said they would support the new mayor 100%. "Successful Hrebel is equally successful Prague," Pospišil said.

Udenia: Prague Rooms is a "fully integrated group"

The deputy ODS chair Alek Udenyi, a coalition party, criticized the fact that after the election they did not hear their calls for action, denied by coalition representatives. Prag Sobo called it a "fully embedded grouping". Its leader, Cizinsky, said that he was dishonest when he left the KDU-CSL before the election and founded his own movement. ODS lost confidence in TOP 09 and STAN, which she considered her natural political partners.

Naher noted, among other things, that although Pirates demanded the end of the accumulation of functions, Adviser Petr Hlubuec (STAN) was appointed as Mayor Lisolaj and Hana Treštikova (PS) as Deputy Mayor of Prague 7. The function node said that all members of parliament were waiting they work in Prague for full-time and will be greeted if the delegates of their other functions are surrendered.

Deputy Head Hlavacek supported YES

In addition to the mayor, four deputies elected representatives. Architect Petr Hlavaček and the Deputy Minister of Environment and Infrastructure Petr Hlubuček (STAN) became the first deputy in charge of territorial development. For Prague, he was appointed deputy finance minister Pavel Vhananek, and Adam Scheinherr will be in charge of transporting the metropolis as another deputy. The only deputy, supported by part of the opposition, was Hlavacek, for which the representatives of the PES voted.

Elections in Prague won the ODS, it has 14 seats and should take the paid position of the Chairman of the Audit Committee. In second place, the pirates finished with 13 representatives, the same number as the third Prague Room and the fourth United Force for Prague. YES has 12 representatives.

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